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The need to connect during loss

When a community is hit with many losses at the same time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed in the chaos. This is normal and can lead to a feeling of being alone, perhaps prompting reactive isolation.


The many faces of EZE

Born in Oregon and raised in Taos, Erin “Zeke” Eagleton, 45, is a local kid and a consummate artist. In addition to the pop-up show of clay works he did with Hank Saxe and Jim Wagner last fall, and last month’s show at Taos Cow, the Harwood Museum of Art just purchased one of his graphite on paper pieces which has been tapped by Taos art guru Gus Foster for rotation into the Harwood’s George E. Foster Jr. Gallery, hanging a few frames down from an Agnes Martin.

  • Running on empty

    I think it's a great thing when an actor gets a gig in a long-running franchise. I'm sure the casts of …

  • The ultimate unreliable narrator

    What happens when a world-renowned scientist — a specialist in brain research — has to confront the …

  • Getting beauty sleep

    Taos Children's Theatre is planning to present a humorous rendition of the "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale. …

  • The desert intense

    An exhibition of works by Japanese artist Izumi Yokoyama, titled "Dreamer on the Mesa," opens today …

  • Party time in Ranchos

    Local hip-hop promoter Tarynce Hise is excited about a hip-hop event he hopes will become an annual …

  • Book Reviews: Life Lessons

    This week’s books, a memoir and a novel, may not have a lot in common as far as their subjects are …

  • Get ready to dance all night

    It’s not happening until the first weekend in June, but the upcoming Music on the Mesa Festival is …

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Local basketball players tapped to play in North-South all-star tilt

Three Taos County basketball players will get their chance to play one more ballgame as high schoolers in the upcoming North-South games.


Wonderful World of Native Plants – Easter flowers

At this time of spring and renewal, it seems appropriate to consider Easter flowers. Pasqueflowers, or flowers of peace, lend their loveliness to the Easter season around the world. Some 33 species …

  • Adventures in growing

    After getting some warm weather, Taos gardeners are ready to start planting. However, those who have been …

  • Finding your inner compost guru

    What does a compost bin look like, anyway? What about a worm-compost bin? In the nearly 25 years I …

  • Herbs: Yerba de la negrita

    By Rob Hawley For The Taos News In Northern New Mexico, this plant has bright little orange flowers …

  • Honoring an elder

    We are all aware of the ancient cottonwood tree leaning conspicuously to the south on Taos Plaza. It is …

USGS Río Grande CFS Level

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Management Corner: Clarifying core values

A part of my standard process in working with all clients, individuals, couples, teams and businesses is to initially take time to identify and clarify core values.

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