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Seeking stories, photos of cottonwood, rodeo

Hey, Taoseños, we need your help. We really need your photos, stories, drawings, songs and videos. Two events are coming up that we think merit extra attention, and we’d like everyone around …

Governor needs to lead, collaborate

It’s one thing to stand your ground, and it’s another thing to do so when everything around you is crumbling. Gov. Susana Martinez missed a big opportunity to be a true leader....

Acequias need action, not talk

Talk is cheap when it comes to preserving Taos Valley acequias. Town of Taos officials put out a call for help cleaning out the Acequia Madre del Río Pueblo, which runs through the heart of the …

Taos Ski Valley changes ticket prices

Speaking of doing the right thing, Taos Ski Valley needs to stand by its original advertising. In mid-March, the resort announced an extended ski season with much fanfare. The season was extended …

Just a few shoutouts, thank you’s

It’s a week for congratulations and kudos to some Taos County residents. Plus, we introduce a new weekly feature – the cartoon Without Reservations.

Letters to the Editor

Tell me about New Mexico Dear people of the great state of New Mexico, Hello! I am a fourth grade student in North Carolina. In fourth grade, we do state reports and I have chosen your state! I …

Letters to the Editor

Love from HawaiiWe lived in Taos for nine years and what a joy it was. Because of family issues we live on Maui now but not a day goes by without thinking of Taos. The day we left I dug up a small …

School budget cuts bad for students, state’s future

It is my opinion that the proposed budget cuts to New Mexico public and higher education are ill-advised.

Colorado neighbor urges Taos to nix tall hotels

I’m sorry, but I’m not surprised to see the push from Holiday Inn Express and its architect to put up a big-box type of hotel in Taos. These days, when mega-corporations rule the world, …

Cross doesn’t offend atheist

I was disappointed to hear that The Freedom from Religion Foundation has asked for the removal of the cross on the Veteran’s memorial downtown. As a Taos resident and atheist, I am sensitive to …
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My Turn

Spring ritual leaves lasting impressions

Spring: It's the most wonderful time of the year in New Mexico. The woods are alive with sights and sounds, none greater than the courtship display of wild turkeys. New Mexico is graced with three of the six subspecies of the wily bird--Rio Grande, …
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Hosting an Earth Day 'power out party'

Earth Day is upon us (April 22) and it is a great time to remember that we need to be mindful of our actions as they can either help us contribute to the care or destruction of our planet. A great way for us to celebrate Earth Day is to show our …
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A fresh perspective: 'Where has common decency gone?'

If you had attended the Governor's forum on Tuesday (April 18) hoping to hear Governor Martinez speak on her series of vetoes, our state budget, and the steps forward, we are sad to say you would have been disappointed. Instead, only inflammatory …
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Some truths about undocumented immigrants

I am a member of Taos United, a nonpartisan group here that now has more than 350 members. I also am a PA here in Taos and have been working in this community for over 40 years. And I have volunteered in Mexico and Central America frequently for …
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Thank you from a farm endeavor growing in Taos County

Lettuce Grow Farms and the LGF HUBB are full of gratitude as we start into our seventh growing season in Taos County! Thank you for your love and support over the years. We are excited to continue to …
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