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Racism never went away

Racists aren’t born. They’re made. So the challenge for all of us is how to unmake and stop the kind of racism that reared its ugly head in the most public way possible this week in …

Editorial: Stray Hearts, other nonprofits need to put business matters first

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is an example of the many valiant Taos nonprofits that constantly struggle for funds. In part, that’s due to the apparent lack of a solid business plan or a …

Editorial: A sense of community

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,” cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said. Sometimes people don’t set out to change …

Editorial: Push dollar stores to engage communities, contribute

It would be easy to argue that dollar stores represent the worst of the United States – cheap, throw-away goods and trinkets that all too soon end up in landfills or tossed in an …

Editorial: Taoseños: Use words that inspire, not harm

This year's Independence Day, marking the founding of the country, occurred during perhaps the most fractious period in our nation's history since the 1960s, when the battle for civil rights and debate over involvement in the Vietnam War split …
Letter to the editor

Letter: Keep methane rule intact

Administrator Scott Pruitt: As a resident of New Mexico, I am extending to you a cheerful and hearty welcome to come and live and work in the middle of the Permian Basin or in the town of Farmington, New Mexico. Since you do not think there is a problem with leaking methane, and want to delay the implementation of the Leak Detection and Repair part of the Methane Rule, you should come here and experience it, first hand.
Letter to the editor

Letter: Town money better spent

Commissioners & Staff: I will be looking forward to future discussions on Necessary, & Affordable, concerning provided showers at the Ag Center - if we have pocket change to blow, I'd rather like to see Leandro & Richard's estimated costs against roads & Ancianos requests - & super thanks to flying the POW/MIA flag.

Letter: Taos Living Treasures thanks

Our very special thanks to the following: Kathy Cordova-Consultant; Persons who nominated; Honorees for accepting nomination; Speakers; Entertainment; Ricky's Restaurant; Razor Sharp Productions-Ruben Hernandez-DVDs; Committee Members: Jan Enright, Jackie Vincent, Effie Romero, Neysa Claytor-Reception Assistance; Sheryl Romero-donating "TLT" cake; Taos Pueblo Gov. Romero's family-donation of deserts; Picuris Pueblo's Mr. Martinez's family-giveaways.
Letter to the editor

Letter: Kit Carson Park, cemetery need care

It is very sad to see the bad condition and lack of care of the entire park and cemetery. What a disrespect to those buried there, their descendants, those who enjoy walking through the park, and all …

Letter: Remember when...?

Remember when Taos looks clean and inviting? Remember when tourism flourished? Few of us do, and for many of us those days seem behind us, mostly due to a weak economy as well as the reality that some business owners fail to maintain properties while at the same time jacking up rents.

Letter: Heritage center grand opening Saturday

The Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area (NRGNHA) Board of Directors cordially invites all to the Saturday (Aug. 5) Grand Opening of the Northern Rio Grande Heritage Center, located in Alcalde, NM at the site formerly named the Oñate Monument Visitor Center.

Letter: Consumer protection bureau helpful

I'm writing to share with you and your readers the wonderful work I've seen from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Like many of you, I have been skeptical of large …

Letter: Give the public access to public land

The Sabinoso Wilderness lies in the plains east of Las Vegas, NM. Unique to the region, the area features sinuous canyons lined with sandstone cliffs.

Letter: Taos should coordinate concerts better

Although Taos is screaming about what a success this concert was, I’d like to give my opinion about how we thought this town handled the concert. We bought tickets over a month in advance yet had to wait in line with folks who didn’t have tickets. We waited for almost three hours. How about separate lines for ticket holders?

Letter: Whoa, whoa, pasen el caldo

The Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo article of 6/29/2017 was very impressive, however, if the record is to be set straight, “They planted the seed that gave us this event that has truly become a part of Taos.”
Letter to the editor

Letter: SOMOS seeks information about donor

Do you know this woman? SOMOS, the literary society of Taos, wants to know. Her name is Sue Carol Francis. She lived in Fort Collins, Colorado and had a …
Letter to the editor

Opinion: New Mexico lacks facilities for toxic waste

After reading Cody Hooks' article on illegal dumping (The Taos News, June 29-July 5), it occurred to me that one reason for such activities is this state's shortage of convenient channels and facilities for …
My Turn

Opinion: A long-overdue conversation

The town of Taos, mirroring the larger political landscape around the nation, desperately needs to have a community wide conversation on democracy and the nature of our local politics. The recent events that have taken place culminating in the Holiday Inn fiasco, indicate that our elected officials have a distorted view of exactly what democracy is.
My Turn

Opinion: Sen. Mimi Stewart is ‘New Mexico’s single most effective legislator’

Sen. Mimi Stewart of Albuquerque recently was named New Mexico’s single most effective legislator – indeed, one of the most effective lawmakers in any state – by FiscalNote. The national, non-partisan organization knows what it is talking about, representing many of the most successful Fortune 500 corporations. Most recipients of the award were Republicans. It was given based on how successful a legislator is at sponsoring and steering legislation through each crucial step of the legislative process, all the way through enactment. This complex process requires strong bipartisan skills, and often goes completely unnoticed by the general public. I can attest, however, that in all my years in the Roundhouse, no legislator has ever deserved this honor more, nor worked harder to receive it, than Mimi Stewart.
My Turn

Opinion: We choose welcome, not fear

We write to urge our elected officials (and all citizens) to do everything in their power to protect our community from the current administration’s unjust and cruel actions toward our many neighbors, friends, and family members who are immigrants. We oppose all efforts to demean or dehumanize any of us. We, the Interfaith and Intercultural Alliance (IFIC), are a Taos County group composed of people from various faith and cultural groups in the community. As people of faith, conscience, and goodwill, we simply cannot keep silence any longer.
My Turn

Opinion: Hotels and IHOPs threaten our community. Really?

The real issue our community has been facing are the frightening demographics. Our community has been losing its children to greener pastures for some time. If we utilize our strengths (land, water, culture) we can address this problem and offer our children and grandchildren meaningful employment in the future and help these young families to stay.

Without Reservations

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