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Editorial: On battlefields, American veterans found common ground

“War is simple, direct and ruthless,” said Gen. George S. Patton Jr., a man who saw firsthand the ruthlessness as a leader in World War I and World War II. So, too, the men and women …

In effort to attract businesses, don’t mess with public process

There isn’t much point to asking for public input if a decision is preordained by elected officials and government administrators. Town of Taos Manager Rick Bellis made it plain in …

Actions louder than words

Teenagers watch and learn more from adult actions than from their words.   Take two situations that have recently developed in New Mexico. In Taos, adults are squabbling over who owns the …

Leave monuments alone, support rural counties

President Donald Trump and his administration need to back off of their move to review and potentially undo protections for national monuments designated after 1996, including the Río Grande del Norte.The president, as outlined in the executive …

Two languages are better than one

When 18 students in Taos recently earned their biliteracy seals in Spanish and English, they not only gained an official recognition of their skills in two languages, but they'll also now have a leg up on their peers when it comes to college and job …

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to dedicated teachers To all our teachers and educational staff, Thank You, for your dedication in educating and understanding our children under the most difficult circumstances. We have …

Letter to the editor: Thanks to some undercover angels in Taos

Taos has angels but they are undercover and their wings don't show until someone needs help.
Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Taoseño youth for speaking out

Kudos to Taoseño youth for speaking out Kudos and honorable respect to our three Taoseño youth, Roberto Martinez, Gilbert Valerio and James Valerio, who attended the Governor's Forum in Taos on Tuesday, April 18. Due to concurrent Acequia …

Letters to the Editor

Tell me about New Mexico Dear people of the great state of New Mexico, Hello! I am a fourth grade student in North Carolina. In fourth grade, we do state reports and I have chosen your state! I …

Letters to the Editor

Love from HawaiiWe lived in Taos for nine years and what a joy it was. Because of family issues we live on Maui now but not a day goes by without thinking of Taos. The day we left I dug up a small …
My Turn
My Turn

Opinion: Hobson’s choice

Every dollar the government spends on an individual is less money they have to pay for programs that benefit the general public, such as public safety, education, infrastructure, roads, parks, …
My Turn

Opinion: What New Mexico can learn from Arizona

It was a tale of two sessions. As New Mexico lawmakers prepare to return to Santa Fe to meet the budget-passing obligation they avoided months ago, Arizona’s legislators have headed home. …

Without Reservations

My Turn

Opinion: Reflections on a Taos high-rise horror

Thursday evening’s (May 18) Planning and Zoning Commission meeting was an event which will go down in our memory-books as an embarrassment to all who participated. It began with the …
My Turn

Opinion: Our acequias are vital to our way of life

For many generations, acequias have been the literal and figurative lifeblood of our community. Not only have they delivered precious water for agricultural purposes, but they have also brought …
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