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Police blotter

The following is a condensed version of Taos Police Department reports from Nov. 15-20. Nov. 15 11:53 a.m. Narcotics offense juvenile, Taos High School - An officer was requesting a case …

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Should buskers be required to have a permit to sing and play music on Taos Plaza?

The town of Taos is considering an ordinance requiring buskers to obtain a permit before performing within town limits, including on the Taos Plaza. 

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What are you thankful for?

‘Tis the season to reflect on gratitude, and to pose the question, “What are you thankful for?” Here’s what some of our friends and neighbors had to say in response ...

  • Funding the dream

    What all of the nonprofit organizations in Taos stress in applying for a grant, whether through a …

  • Oldie but goodie

    Treacherous acts, ruthless characters, and a mystery peeled away in layers like an onion. What better way …

  • Reading rainbow

    SOMOS is celebrating “November Prose Month.” The month’s events so far have included workshops from …

  • Deep hit from Jamaica’s reggae roots

    Taos Mesa Brewing and Roots and Wires Presents team up to bring reggae artists Israel Vibration to Taos. …

  • State museum celebrates 100th Year

    The New Mexico Museum of Art celebrates its 100th birthday at 107 West Palace Ave on Nov. 25 with special …

  • Absolutely Frank

    Jazz saxophonist Frank Morgan (1933-2007) was one of Taos’ treasures. The musician found his way here …

  • Acoustic music for the adventurous

    A blast from the past and a look at the future, this week’s What’s Spinning explores some of the …

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Big plays lambast Tigers as number 2 Portales Rams wool the night

Too many Tiger turnovers and too many big plays yielded by Taos ultimately was the difference, as the Portales Rams eliminated Taos from the state playoffs with a 41-11 final.


Ghost Ranch: Kitchen Mesa

Glowing red and burnt orange cliffs rise high above the valley at Ghost Ranch. These shining stones define the basin called the Piedra Lumbre. In this dramatic landscape, Ghost Ranch hosts retreats …


Businesses unsettled by DACA uncertainty

Barring congressional intervention, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program as it is known, is ending. DACA recipients -- often called "Dreamers" -- are subject to deportation …

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