Network marketing: A local entrepreneur’s journey

‘I love that network marketing is so fair. You get as much as you put into it.’


You may have seen their signature gray and silver bottles, or at least heard about the products. For a while, around five years ago, it seemed like one out of every three Taos women (and some men too) were selling Nerium products — face, eye and body creams.

Nerium International is a multilevel marketing company that sells products using independent distributors called “brand partners.” The company is is led by CEO Jeff Olson. 

What happened to all those Taos women who were selling the products? Was it a fad? And were the products worth the money?

Janie Corinne was one of the first people to get into the Nerium business in Taos back in 2012. She is still selling all six of the the company’s products.

“I would love to share my experience and help dispel some network marketing myths,” Corinne said.

The entrepreneur

Corinne started her career in the “helping” profession.

“I have always wanted to help people have better lives,” she said. “As a child, my role in my family was to care for people, make them feel better, have less pain. I carried that into a career in social work and substance abuse prevention.”

But she was also attracted to entrepreneurship.

“In recent years, I had the idea of creating an internet business that would yield residual income,” Corinne said. “Build it once and collect on it over time. However, I had no frame of reference for how to do so.”

A quick decision

In 2012, a friend loaned Corinne a bottle of the Nerium anti-aging night cream.

“The results were impressive,” Corinne said. “But I was reluctant to join a company after always working in the public sector. Shortly thereafter, Gerry Katz, one of the very first people in Taos to work with Nerium, said, ‘Girlfriend, run, don’t walk! I just want my friends to be successful.’ This struck a chord in me that I couldn’t ignore.”

An hour later, Corinne had joined Nerium and added a totally different career to her repertoire, though she is still doing public health projects.

She admits to being “a little odd” in her decision-making process.

“I often spend quite a while making the smallest decisions, like which toilet paper is the best value,” Corinne said. “When I make big decisions, like moving from Houston to Questa with a 14-year old daughter, or joining a network marketing company before I had even heard the term network marketing, it’s a different story. I make those decisions solely according to my heart,” she said.

Network marketing

One of the main misconceptions about network marketing is the idea that only people at the top make any money.

“People might have that impression, and of course there are high, middle and low achievers in every company.” Corinne said. “But I love that network marketing is so fair. You get as much as you put into it. Of course, you have to work hard, make calls, talk to people. But by building a team you are, in effect, the CEO of your own business. You work to create your own fortune rather than someone else’s, and there is absolutely no limit on how much you can earn.”

Corinne also denies the perception that local teams fight each other over customers.

“We, the Nerium family, work collaboratively as a team, helping and supporting each other whether or not we are financially linked,” she said. “Ellary Simms, the woman who brought Nerium to Taos, is a very strong leader who is committed to helping women discover that they can become successful entrepreneurs. When someone joins our team, everyone is there to support that new member’s success.”

She also credits the company with helping her become “a better version of herself.”

“Besides the financial benefits I have reaped, network marketing has made me happier and more self-confident,” Corinne said. “Nerium pushes and pulls me to fulfill my highest potential. Friends say to me, ‘You look so happy,’ and they are right.”

Strength, determination

Corinne grew up in “hot, sticky St. Louis,” and then in Houston, “the ultimate in hot and sticky.” In 1993 she moved to Questa and still lives in the same little house.

“High desert next to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is heaven for me,” she said. “Every summer I climb some of the 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. This tests my determination and strength, while the thrill of getting to, or sometimes near, the peak is the big payoff.”

She uses the same determination to grow her business.

“Part of my personal mission is to identify people who are ready to become entrepreneurs, help them build a local and a global business, and then travel the world together,” she said. “Another part of my mission is to contribute substantial amounts of money to end children’s hunger.”

The proof is in the bottle

Corinne’s team holds frequent events to introduce the Nerium products and business. They often have tester bottles that they loan out for five days.

“There’s nothing like trying it on your own face,” she said. “We meet at local coffee houses and recently at the Taos Mountain Gallery in the El Monte Sagrado. 

These are fun, informative meetups with zero pressure. We want people to know about the possibilities with Nerium and to help us spread the word.”

Corinne can be reached at (575) 770-6275, via email at or online at


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