New Mexico State Police recently sent out armored vehicles to Costilla to arrest one man who had allegedly threatened an off-duty police officer and his family. Read the story in link below and tell us do you think the police response was excessive or app


Read the story at and then tell us: Do you think the police response was excessive or appropriate?


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John Lapin

For many years we have asked for increased presence by both our Sherriff's Department and the NM State Police in Costilla. The answer is always the same, no money for regular patrols. Costilla is too far away for them to visit regularly. However, when one of their own is threatened while off duty, there is no limit to what the State will spend. That is not a good message for the people here. It seems the only time the government wants to hear from us is at tax time. The rest of the year, we are on our own. Meanwhile, drug dealers flourish and property crime continues to be a problem. Residents here continue to report criminal activity and seldom see a response.

Monday, April 10, 2017 | Report this