Resolutions: Hopes and dreams


The end of the year is a time for reflection — a symbolic road marker to pause and look back on the journey and to set a course for the year ahead. We asked friends and neighbors to share their resolutions, hopes and dreams for 2017. Here are their heartfelt responses:

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson

My resolution is to visit Taos in January. I miss my friends there and the voters who always supported me. Rest in peace, my pal, Tony Reyna. My hopes for the new year are that diplomacy and soft power govern foreign policy, rather than aggression and bluster.

Mary Domito, entrepreneur

My resolution is to continue my abstinence from alcohol, which has allowed me to focus better and to be more present. In 2017, I hope to continue to support Stray Hearts, [Community Against Violence] and the [Taos Center for the Arts] and as many other nonprofits that we are able to. These are unprecedented times we are living in. While I remain hopeful that things will be OK, I feel we all need to keep our eyes and ears open and be active and engaged citizens.

Darien Fernandez, Taos Town Council

Personally, I resolve to lose 20 pounds. Locally, I resolve to continue pushing for progressive solutions to our local problems. I also hope that, as a community, we come together more to help each other in a time of so much division nationally.

Morten Nilssen, director of Taos Youth Music School

To be the best I can be, do the best I can do and live up to my expectations of being a good person and contributing to my community.

William Hall, actor-musician-stylist

For this coming year and continuing through this life, my goal is to continue letting go of fear. May we look into the other’s eyes with a smile and listen to each other’s stories with our hearts to imagine and embrace and create a middle ground. I don’t know where this journey is headed, but I know the only way through is with a sense of humor, an open heart and a willingness to see the God within every man.

Cullen Winter, musician

Nothing special for this year. Just hoping to see the Taos Ice Tigers win another state championship.

Mark Jackson, musician

I am looking forward to good health this new year. I do feel ready to sing again, as I have not been doing that for almost three years. So to some glorious vocal music in my life and for the community. I hope that a great leader or more will come and be some kind of savior. So with a more positive lifestyle and mental capacity, I will be able be part of that thinking action.

Allegra Huston, writer and filmmaker

My hope for the nation and the world is that it will turn away from fascism before there’s a catastrophic result. But I’m not optimistic.

Ivelisse Brooks, interior designer

Be mindful of everyone you meet in 2017, as everyone you meet is fighting an inner battle. We must practice empathy.

Ana Chavez, actor

What can one person do to make a difference? I realized I could only change myself and I hoped, like a pebble in a pond, the vibrations would move to the outer reaches. Be the ripple. I am vowing to act with love and understanding to all my relations. Be more present and loving to others and myself. Be a force for good in my family and my community. And be patient when I find myself falling in that old trap again because all I can control is my reaction.

Brad Hockmeyer, Taos radio legend

May 2017 be the year that we repeatedly give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. Let’s rally around all the things we want for ourselves, our loved ones, the community and the planet, and let’s quiet all the noise around the things we don’t want.

Stephanie Lee Monsanto, musician

To have forgiveness for my flaws and have a sense of humor about being an imperfect member of the imperfect human race. I hope to not add to the friction and big mongo political divide by listening better and trying to understand where people are truly coming from.

My hopes for the nation [are] that the citizens will break denial about the corpocracy/oiligarchy that really runs this country and that Republicans, Democrats and independents can unite in step-by-step, long-term, solution-oriented plans and policies to protect our Constitution and take our country back.

Pearl Huang, artist and educator

Thank you, 2016, and hello, 2017. At this time of the year, I do think about these things a great deal more in a way of reflections. When I was a kid in China, during end of school year or graduation, teachers and elders usually encouraged us with words like, “Be as the new sun and changed moon.”

I just accepted them as well-meant encouragement without analyzing the actual words. Now looking at these Chinese characters again, I finally realized what they meant and see the cycles of the sun and moon that mark our days and years with different eyes. If we think of the sun at dawn and the moon at dusk appearing to us as new ones each day and night, we would not take things for granted and will find new inspirations and new hope for each passing cycle in our lives for years to come.


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