Taos Little League officially opens the 2017 season

Opening-day ceremony at Kit Carson Park draws 5 leagues, 22 teams and more than 200 players


At the stroke of 1 o'clock in the afternoon and with the sound of a single chime from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church wafting through the air, dozens of baseball players took to the field at Kit Carson Park to officially start the 2017 Little League season. And although games had been ongoing for a week prior to the Sunday (April 30) gathering, the day was an appropriate beginning for the hallowed sport that so many kids clamor to be a part of.

Freshly printed uniforms and stiff hats created the colorful scene as teams from softball, T-ball, coaches pitch, minor league and major league stood in a solemn half-moon formation on the edge of the infield diamond and throughout the deep green outfield grass. The sun was shining and parents' cellphones were working overtime taking pictures. Actually, the solemness only lasted a few minutes as attention spans started running out and imaginations drifted to "Funkytown" and "La La Land." Dandelions didn't stand a chance on this day.

Over the public address system, Chris Baca, league president, offered a warm welcome to fans and players - urging everyone to keep little league games positive, while respecting coaches and game officials. The "Little League Pledge" was recited and a moment of silence in honor of the late Cruz Chavez II was included in the address.

Games run throughout the month of May into June. The end-of-season tournament is slated to take place June 12-16.


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