Taos offender back behind bars – but for how long?


When Noah Hardaway, a convicted felon, was paroled from an Arkansas adult detention center in late 2015, he was allowed to relocate to New Mexico as part of an interstate compact approved by the Arkansas Department of Corrections (DOC) in cooperation with the New Mexico DOC.

According to authorities, that compact required that Hardaway comply with the conditions of his parole while in New Mexico, including making regular contact with his Arkansas parole officer and refraining from any criminal activity.

He complied with neither condition.

Instead, Hardaway, 27, has allegedly committed at least one felony crime approximately every eight months in Taos County since his relocation more than two years ago. Reports indicate that he has neither been convicted of any crime nor served time any time in New Mexico, aside from relatively brief holding periods between hearings.

Recent developments

Hardaway landed back in Taos County District Court this week, Feb. 14, for at least the fifth time since his relocation after being arrested on a warrant for violating conditions of his parole.

That arrest occurred Jan. 19 near Millicent Rogers Road in Taos. Hardaway was allegedly caught in the process of committing another burglary – one of several he has now been charged with committing in the Taos County area.

Hardaway is currently being held on a $50,000 cash-only bond in the Taos County Adult Detention Center, where he awaits criminal processing on a total of five pending felony cases in Taos County.

A call for Hardaway’s extradition has been submitted by the Arkansas DOC and is being challenged by Hardaway’s defense counsel, represented by attorney Aleksandar Kostich.

Lost in translation

According to a report compiled by the Taos County Sheriff’s Office, Hardaway’s felony criminal career began in White County, Arkansas, in November 2010, when he was charged and convicted on three counts of theft by receiving stolen property.

As part of a plea agreement negotiated by his counsel, additional drug and theft charges were dropped. He was sentenced to 48 months in an Arkansas jail.

In January 2013, Hardaway was again convicted on breaking and entering and theft of property charges. Along with his prior conviction, he was then sentenced to a concurrent 60 months in prison.

On Dec. 11, 2015, Hardaway was paroled with a detainer (conditions to remain in Taos).

According to an Arkansas “community correction violation report,” agent John Rooney of the Arkansas DOC received an email in December 2015 notifying him that Taos County sheriff’s deputies had received a pickup order for Hardaway, who was then subsequently transported to Taos.

But upon contacting the Taos County Sheriff’s Office, Rooney was reportedly referred to the Eighth Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Personnel advised they were unsure if Hardaway was in custody.

Hardaway, who had reportedly been living with his mother, was then arrested on larceny charges sometime in early January 2016 for crimes allegedly committed in November 2014.

On Jan. 6, 2016, Rooney received an email from Eddie Lucero, a district attorney at the Eighth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, which provided an attachment with a copy of a grand jury indictment for Hardaway.

At a hearing in Taos County District Court, Hardaway was released on bond and placed on GPS “retrial supervision” pending a trial date set for April 2016.


In July 2016, Hardaway was arrested and charged with two counts of taking possession of stolen property when he was found to be in possession of a 2017 Acura RDX. Law enforcement also discovered that Hardaway had attempted to procure or “pass” the title of the vehicle to cover his tracks.

Next, on Aug. 21, 2016, Hardaway was charged with endangering a child and contributing to the delinquency of a child.

In September 2016, Hardaway was again arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking in controlled substances, identified as methamphetamine, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Jan. 1, 2016, Taos Police Department Officer LeEvan Sanchez identified a “suspicious subject” in the area of Never Winter Detail Shop, located at 1351 Paseo del Pueblo Sur. When Sanchez approached, the subject allegedly dropped a crowbar and a lock-picking kit and fled the scene. The subject was tentatively identified as Hardaway, as it was later discovered that his GPS tracking unit – assigned along with his conditions of his release – had been off for approximately 18 hours on New Year’s Day.

An Arkansas parole board submitted the warrant for Hardaway’s arrest mid-January, which was picked up by Detective John Wentz of the Taos Police Department. Wentz and Deputy Shana McTague made the arrest near Millicent Rogers Road. It was discovered at this time that Hardaway had allegedly committed a residential burglary in the area of Upper Las Colonias Road and Gonzalez Road.


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