Letter to the editor: Thanks to some undercover angels in Taos


Taos has angels but they are undercover and their wings don't show until someone needs help.

I had the good fortune to meet some of them last Wednesday. I was driving on Cottom Road headed to town. I ran over something - then heard a loud hissing sound as the right rear tire went flat in seconds. The car is now taking up the right lane headed downhill. Not a good place for a flat and I had no phone. I got out to see what I had run over -- a hunk of metal. Several cars went around. Then a small truck stopped. The young guy had a cell phone and gave it to me to call my husband for the triple A number. When he heard me say triple A, he whipped off his jacket and said "I can change your tire faster than they can get here."

Not an easy task being on a hill and trying to get a 10-year-old frozen jack out of its hiding place. He persevered and finally got the small jack set up and began to take the lugs off.

Many cars are going slowly by and looking while I motioned them around. A big white truck went around. Down the hill a bit, it stopped, backed up and parked in front of the car. Two big guys got out and one said "We have a better jack than that." They open the tailgate and pulled out a huge jack on wheels made to lift trucks. One got in my car and kept his foot on the break to prevent it from rolling down the hill. The other wheeled the jack around back, put it under the car and helped Cory finish changing the tire.

The first angel is Cory Watts, what would I have done if you hadn't stopped and had the time, skill and willingness to help a lady in distress?

The two other angels are James (father) and Gary (son) Morgas, who also saw a need and a willingness to share their jack, skill and time.

Truly, three angels in disguise. Much gratitude to you.

~Donna Dufresne, El Prado


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