Time to wake up, America, and ‘demand the ouster of ... corrupt regime’


Herr Trump and his fascist administration are moving quickly toward realizing the nightmare that many Americans knew would take place once his regime ensconced itself in our nation’s capital — the dismantling of the very foundations of our modern democratic system.

It is not through ignorance they do this, but due to their commonly held view that America is too dark in complexion, too concerned about environmental and non-business matters, too giving in its programs for the disadvantaged, too caring about its weakest members, too fixated on press freedom, and too concerned about our allies’ needs and priorities. In the ultimate act of a tyrant and of the illegitimate leader that he is, Herr Trump has placed in key positions in our government persons who are known to be hostile to the very departments they administer. How cynical, yet how appropriate that Herr Trump and his minions also believe that telling lies often enough makes them the truth. How Goebbles-like.

He appointed the penultimate Aryan model, Mike Pence, the administration “yes man,” the man who never met a minority he didn’t want to oppress in the name of religion, as his second in command. He named as his secretary of state a man whose hands are bloodied by the many revolutions and military actions he approved in the name of fossil fuel production. He named as his secretary of education a woman whose sole claim to fame is her hatred of public schools and her financial and public support for any alternative to public school, especially private religious schools. Gee, I wonder what she wants to do?

He then appointed one of America’s best-known bigots, Jeff Sessions, to enforce the very laws he has opposed his entire political career and who is a person who will do his best to deny Americans of color the right to vote. He then appointed as the chief environmental enforcer someone who hates the EPA and wants it dismantled and who is in the pocket of big oil. He then appointed an alt-right bigot with no knowledge of foreign policy to sit on his national security team and kicked out the military. This is reminiscent of another couple of dictators (Hitler and Stalin) who didn’t trust their generals and had to have their political enforcers with them at all times to watch over those who might be more loyal to the country than to the leader.

I could go on with this litany of traitors, but suffice it to say, we all see what is taking place. Our nation is in imminent danger of losing its values, its allies, its leadership in the world, and worst of all its democratic way. This megalomaniac, this narcissist, this woman hater, this pathological liar is our president and his goons are running the asylum.

Here are some of the great things he has accomplished thus far, or at least some of the great ideas this poor excuse for a human being has suggested. Let’s kick out the Mexicans and keep out the Muslims, after all they are dark-skinned. Let’s purposely insult our allies while playing footsie with our enemies and fast and loose with the truth about its own collusion with the Russians. Let’s denigrate our close neighbors, threaten them, and treat them as second-class people. Let’s protect all the unborn children in the world, but once they are born if they are different from the majority, let’s ignore them or persecute them. Let’s end regulations for our businesses even though it threatens the health and safety of everyone. Let’s turn one group of Americans against another by espousing hatred and then let’s ignore the violent results or even better blame them on the victims. Let’s lie about foreign incidents or just make them up. Let’s attack the free press so as not to have to answer for our crimes. Let’s alter reality so it fits into the president’s vision even though his is a vision based on prevarications and insanity.

America, it is time to wake up — demand the ouster of this corrupt regime, and take back our government from those who threaten it.

Spungen is a resident of Arroyo Seco.


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Robert Andreoli

What a disconnected delusional screed. Nonsensical trash totally devoid of any rational thought or content. I hate to break it to ya there Al but the American people have awoken and spoken. What they are saying is they are sick of people like you and your liberal/leftist agenda that has moved this country to the brink of bankruptcy and disaster. You and those like you represent everything that has gone wrong with this country. The corrupt regime you speak of was ousted two months ago and hopefully we are on the road to recovery.

Thursday, March 9, 2017 | Report this
Dan Rifleman

When you start hearing someone using Nazi or German war propaganda words you know their argument is anger based, ignorant and uninformed. These type of angry fear based letters are what we will endure for the next 4 -8 years.

The sore loser crowd. The cognitive dissonance 'love trumps hate" slogan runs deep with the left.

The left will will continue to resort to violence with those who do not "celebrate" their form of "diversity".

The left's whole cause is rapidly being lost on your average working class family.

It is ones first amendment right to speak. It is that same right that gives those of us who disagree a chance to peacefully call them out.... and to lawfully defend themselves if necessary. In the meantime, the left will continue to suffer losses at the polls as regular Americans speak out.

Saturday, March 11, 2017 | Report this