Tourist complaint falls flat


While Taos is an exceptionally welcoming community, we have our quirks. As the late Tony Hillerman said when describing resident's modest reaction to a man in high heels, pancake makeup and nylons, "Taos is a tolerant village, well accustomed to whimsy." 

We are a progressive community that embraces differences, from the political signs, to the rocker playing his amplified guitar on the side of the road. We are much more than a playground for tourists. We are not Disneyland in the mountains.

I am always disturbed when visitors, such as Jose Diaz from San Antonio, Texas, complain about the locals exhibiting their political values. Especially for someone from Texas, where it is not uncommon to see individuals parading around with assault rifles strapped to their backs. Is that less repugnant, unwelcoming, in your face or insulting than bright yellow signs? 

Taos welcomes our visitors. I've heard many speak of how friendly and helpful locals are. All we ask in return is that visitors respect our culture and values. Money does not give one carte blanche to dictate how we live our lives or express our views.


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