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Dear Dr. Ted: I'm watching people become insanely fearful and angry over this coronavirus pandemic. Why do people get so wild about these things and should I be more nervous or fearful? Thanks, Bob Dear Bob: more
Dear Dr. Ted: My husband has been rather sickly, and it has definitely hurt his quality of life. I have great compassion for him and love him dearly, and at the same time, I feel so muzzled to talk about my loss regarding his health issues and how it has hurt parts of my life as his partner. I feel ashamed to admit sometimes I want to yell out, "And what about me?" but know that I can't. Any thoughts? more
Here is a favorite Taos question: "How many nonprofits are there in Taos?" A question often asked by people serving in one - or by residents asked to make donations. more
The ebb and flow of animals at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
I am very aware that I run on a high level of anxiety due to my history with loss and trauma but I have noticed that I seem to be having more and more anxiety as the world seems to be so intense with anger and fear. The coronavirus threat, the elections and everybody talking negative, politics in general, anger everywhere and global warming seem to run through my brain causing such a high level of anxiety that I can't calm down. I'm not asking you to therapize me as I already have a therapist and psychiatrist and will continue to have support but wanted to publicly let people know they are not alone with these issues. more
In February, Taos Ski Valley hosted the 2020 B Climate Leadership Summit. We were thrilled that this important event drew 70 attendees representing businesses from around the world who make up the B Corp Climate Collective, a group of Certified B Corporations working together to take action on the climate emergency. more
Dear Dr. Ted: I work for a company where there were some changes that happened, and my colleagues and I became very fearful, which led to anger and people being mean to one another with blame and discontent. I was surprised how fearful I became even though I knew I still had a job and it would be OK in the long run. Why does fear become so prominent when there is a change even if the change may be for the good? more
As mother abbess, Sister María had much to ponder. She needed an exemplary model for her life. That evening, before going to bed, she remembered that she had a book that contained the 30 bits of advice that Saint Theresa of Avila had written, but she couldn't remember just were she had put it. more
The ebb and flow of animals at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
Dear Dr. Ted: I happen to have a lot of different traumas in my life that can overtake me. When these emotional shakedowns happen, I get mad at myself for having it happen again. I am also guilty [of isolating myself] during these times, which I'm sure, does not serve me. What are your thoughts on these matters? Thanks, Brenda more
Fr. Alonso de Benavides had been working on a project for a full year. Finally he finished writing a 111-page-long document titled "Memorial of 1630." more
Dear Dr. Ted: My daughter had an accident last week that may have ended some of her aspirations to be a professional athlete. Besides watching her physical pain and her emotional devastation, I am aware of my own sadness. I want to support her and yet she sees that I am sad as well. I feel the entire family is in a state of shock and the oxygen has left our house. more
'I tell all our new clients that they do not need to trust me just because I am the agency director. I have to earn their trust just as they have to earn mine," says Walter Vigil, director of the Human Resource Development Agency in Taos. more
This past holiday period was one that recorded peak visitation throughout most parts of Northern New Mexico, boosting our economy for all. With bountiful snow and a revitalized offering, we witnessed scores of visitors touting best-trip-ever experiences. None of this could have been possible without our incomparable staff. more
Dear Dr. Ted: I know you have written many articles on anniversaries and holidays and how they can cause emotional angst. I guess I have another one. I had a major accident last year that almost took my life and I am sad in the fact that I will never be the same again. I have also had difficulties walking through this year as I don't know how anniversaries and different stimuli are going to affect me. Does this seem common? Thanks, Meagan more
An apocryphal story states that Stalin's daughter won a contest saying that the saddest expression in any language was "it could have been." It definitely is a sad expression that indicates so many … more
Dear Dr. Ted: I have had many losses in my life such as death of loved ones, health issues and other jolts in life. I have noticed something lately about my grief process. I notice certain moments that seem to have a message for me that I cannot quite explain. On my latest roller-coaster grief, I have been noticing connections with numbers such as with time 11:11, 4:44 or any other sequence such as this that catches my attention. I know that is a bit "out there" but do you have anything that might shine some light on my curiosity? more
The night after Sister María had begun to write "The Mystical City of God," she was dreaming comfortably about the Virgin Mary. more
A reader of my Taos News column wrote to say that he cannot believe that growing younger is possible. He also said, "It just isn't true when someone in their 40s or 50s says, 'Getting old is a matter of the mind. Think young and you will be young.'" more
"I am having a bad Christmas because I am not with my family!" said a Taos Behavioral Health youth client in foster care. "But this is the best break I have ever had because when I come to camp, they help me to not feel alone." more
There is a bright, hopeful and healing recourse for the world against the horrific and disastrous circumstances which are now globally rampant in the churches and spiritual traditions and in the "governance" of states and nations. more
Whenever people try to make themselves feel better by demeaning another, it's called bullying. No ifs, ands or buts about it, regardless of whether bullies use verbal abuse, physical strength or - … more
Dear Dr. Ted: I have noticed that I can be standoffish and sabotage opportunity for close relationships as well as relationships outside my inner circle. Is this from losses in my life or am I just "messed up" and can't get it together? Thanks, Margie more
Sister María had awakened full of joy, as she gazed at the Virgin rocking the child in her arms with such tenderness. The Virgin was dictating everything about the life of her family to her. She told her about how she herself had been the daughter of the elderly Joachim and Ana and the wife of Joseph. more
The ebb and flow of animals at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
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