• Fall Festivals: Official Guide 2017

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35th Annual Taos Mountain Balloon Rally

Fall in Taos isn't just about art and music festivals and nature's preparation for hibernation — it's also a time during a weekend in late October, the round, wicker-basket holding colorful hot air balloons rise en mass to meet the clouds.

Explore “Seeds — Semillas” at NeoRio 2017

Now in its 9th year, this free annual event is truly a unique experience for the Taos area. The outdoor contemporary art and community event will take place at Montoso Campground at Wild Rivers in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument on Sept. 16, from 4-9 p.m.

The mountains are alive – with the sound of music

Live music — the exclamation point, the emotional accompaniment to all the flavors of Taos served up on big stages. From jazz to chamber arrangements, there is a rhythm sure to elicit reflection, toe-tapping, dancing, singing and smiling.

The Glam Trash Fashion Show

It's trashy, but in a good way. Started 17 years ago by local educator Nicole Kowalski and Jean Nichols of Art for the Heart, the Glam Trash Fashion Show is one of the iconic art/recycling …

The Taos Storytelling Festival

No matter one's age, hearing the words, "Once upon a time" invites wonder and anticipation of what story is about to be told.

The PASEO is going to be 'monumental'

Fire and monsters — mythical and imagined — are central to a free art party on Taos Plaza Saturday, Sept. 23.

Who's the 'fairest' of them all?

Arts and crafts fairs are one of those places where there's always something for everyone. The craftsmanship of handmade indie wares is unparalleled and the artistic creations are inspired. Waves of fresh cooking waft through the air doing a sort of waltz with the live music. There is always something truly unique being offered or demonstrated.

The 43rd Annual Taos Fall Arts Festival

In the Land of Enchantment exists a "Place of Extraordinary": Taos. Nestled amongst breathtaking vistas, blanketed under luminous skies, and steeped in an enticing blend of cultural diversity, Taos has inspired artists for over a century and risen to prominence as a world-class art destination.

Studio tours are the heartbeat of Fall Festivals

The studio tour — the mainstay, a large draw during Taos Fall Arts Festivals. There's something personal and informing, almost romantic, about watching an artist create in the heart of his or her creative space that is normally off limits. From the High Road to Abiquiú, there is no shortage of studios to tour or talent to behold.

Fall Festivals Official Guide 2017

Art, festivals and Taos are synonymous — a bonded trio that feeds off each other, keeping history alive, traditions intact and unparalleled creativity strong.

Ed Sandoval: Like a dance

Everything Ed Sandoval touches becomes more vibrant ... more alive ... whether it's a blank canvas, a saddle on the back of a horse or an old truck.

Fall Festivals 2016

Food, hot air balloons, storytelling, living history events, art exhibits and craft fairs happening around the Enchanted Circle fill out the full Fall Festivals calendar. Whether you're a …