In the kitchen
Asian Bowl
In the kitchen

Recipes: Three creative meals to make with leftovers

Recipes for Asian Bowl, Ranchero Bowl and Mediterranean Bowl.
ShutterstockIdeally, grape varieties are grown, picked and fermented separately, the blending occurring only when it is time to create the finished product.
Wine column

Why you want to consider a beautiful red blend

'Where do you keep your red blends?" This is a question anyone in the wine business hears multiple times a day. Red blends are a booming trend these days, as any …
ShutterstockA more delicious way to honor the old country and the new land may be with a big bowl of champ -- a popular Irish dish that connects past and present generations.
In the Kitchen

St. Paddy never knew the potato

Some Irish American gardeners plant potatoes in their gardens on March 17, the traditional death date for St. Patrick, the Roman British missionary believed to …
Home & Garden
Kim Hansen/Courtesy photoDandelions are medicinal and edible, among the first green plants to appear in spring.


Spanish: ChicóriaFamily: AsteraceaeGenus/Species: Taraxacum officinaleAcommon plant and broadly distributed throughout temperate regions of our world, growing from sea level to above 10,000 feet …
Jan Martenson/Courtesy photoCliff fendlerbush (Fendlera rupicola), a shrub with numerous white blossoms, is easy to spot on rocky canyon slopes in the spring.

Tree tales and shrub love stories

The Wednesday (April 17) meeting of the Taos Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico will feature Dr. Marisa Thompson, a horticultural specialist with New Mexico State University
Nan Fischer/Courtesy photoLocal gardener and Taos Seed Exchange founder Nan Fischer says she won't plant anything outside until mid- to late April, though she'll take an early chance with her hardy lettuce mix.
Home and garden

What to know before you grow your Taos garden

For Taos gardeners who are excited to welcome the planting season, here are some ideas on how to be ready for the coming warm weather. From starting seeds inside to …
Health & fitness
Courtesy photoThe bite marks left by a loose canine that attacked hiker Cindy Brown and her leashed dog in Manzanita Canyon.
Health and Fitness

When loose dogs on public trails become dangerous

Growing more outraged, I repeated that her dog had bit me - hard. To this, she replied, "She has never done that before. I'm sorry, I don't believe you."
ShutterstockLive longer and grow younger by taking some butt breaks. You'll be doing your brain a big favor, too.
Health and Fitness

Sitting for long periods? Take butt breaks

These days I spend quite a bit of time sitting on my butt at the computer and that's certainly not conducive to good posture -- my posture hasn't been good since I was a kid. Worse than that, sitting …
Morgan Timms/The Taos NewsA competitor is silhouetted as he competes in the 6K Classic Cross-Country Ski race Saturday (Jan. 21) during the Chama Chile Ski Classic and Winter Fiesta weekend. Staying active all winter is key to maintaining fitness levels into spring and summer sports.
Health and Fitness

Winter-into-spring sports for health

As we transition from winter into spring, we can do ourselves a favor by not pushing too hard when we start to hike, bike, climb or get active playing tennis or any other sport.
Great outdoors
Taos area rafting companies are expecting a great year on the Río Grande as a healthy winter snowpack melts and heads downstream.
Great outdoors

River rafting: Feel the pulse of the Río Grande

The secrets of the Río Grande are revealed to those who paddle its waterways.
Gary Zientara/Courtesy photoThis is an edge on view of a spiral galaxy 35 million light years away in the constellation Leo the Lion.

Spiral galaxy Whopper

This "hamburger" is a Whopper of galactic proportions.
Courtesy Taos Snowshoe AdventuresSnowshoers take a hot chocolate break while exploring the Williams Lake area near Taos Ski Valley.
Great outdoors

Big snow means big fun for Taos area outdoor recreation

If you want to experience the outdoors at a slightly slower pace, consider snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Both are great ways to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty and solitude of the forests that surround Taos.
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