In the kitchen

Should you toss that milk or not?

Almost everything you pick up in a grocery store these days, from dried herbs to eggs, canned goods to fresh meat, has at least one date on the label. But it's …
ShutterstockThree tips for eating mindfully: Say thanks, chew your food ... really well - and breathe.

How to eat mindfully

The Vietnamese Buddhist monk and mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh tells a story about sitting down with a friend under a tree to eat a tangerine. But his friend is eating so quickly and talking …
ShutterstockCalifornia's Mendocino County provides suitable growing regions for a far greater range of grapes than many others.

Enjoy a wide variety of wines from Mendocino

Most wine regions in the United States - and the world - tend to be associated with select grape varieties. Think Napa and cabernet sauvignon comes to mind. Malbec from Argentina. Riesling from …
Home & Garden
Photo by ZooFariVerdolaga, also known as purslane and pigweed, is a spring plant that's nutritious in salads, soups and sauteed


English: Purslane, pigweed, moss roseSpanish: VerdolagaFamily: PortulacaceaeGenus & species: Portulaca oleraceaePurslane, known in Spanish as verdolaga, is a low-growing perennial succulent with …
Nan FischerLisa Stern's raised bed with hardware cloth on the bottom.

Tips for dealing with pocket gophers

Every March, I eagerly await the crocuses in my front garden. One year, the yellow and white varieties came up but not the purple ones. There is only one grouping by …
Jan Martenson/courtesy photoA bumble bee feasts on sweet nectar deep inside a Palmer penstemon flower and inadvertently gathers pollen on its body, which will be spread to the next visited flower for pollination.

Learn about the bzzzzz from a New Mexico melittologist

What is a melittologist? It is a person who studies melittology (from Greek word melitta, meaning "bee" and -logy, meaning "study of"), a branch of entomology concerning the scientific study of bees. …
Health & fitness

Learn to heal with traditional methods

Taos school offers summer courses taught by native healers of different cultures, backgounds
Courtesy photo.Ellen Wood of Questa has built a following as a health columnist and motivational speaker. She's coordinated a group of senior authors and compiled their essays in a soon-to-be released book.

Stick out your tongue, save your life

Stick out your tongue! There are times when this simple instruction could help you save someone's life. It's not always obvious that someone has suffered a stroke but knowing how to detect a stroke …
Courtesy Field Institute of TaosIt's important to keep kids active and engaged during the summer months.

What are your kids doing this summer?

Top summer tips for healthy kids
Great outdoors
Bureau of Land Management Ranger Tom Adams scouts out the Slide Trail Sunday (May 19) in preparation for the May 25 guided hike he will be leading. The BLM is offering a series of guided hikes over the summer to share the history and beauty of the Río Grande del Norte National Monument.

Have adventures, learn history in Río Grande del Norte National Monument

The Río Grande del Norte National Monument is home to breathtaking hikes down into the gorge of the Río Grande and up to mountain tops. Its unique volcanic geology, rich cultural …
Courtesy Great Sand Dunes National ParkGreat Sand Dunes joins three other national park sites in Colorado and approximately two dozen national parks around the country that have been designated as International Dark Sky Parks. New Mexico has five such designated parks

Best places to see starry skies

A favorite getaway in Colorado for Taoseños is the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, a little over 100 miles from town. Now there's yet another reason to visit: the park has been …
File photoBeing courteous to others on shared public trails - whether hikers, runners, mountain bikers or horseback riders - is the best rule to follow.

Top six rules of trail etiquette

It really is going to warm up soon around Northern New Mexico (recent snowstorm not withstanding) into perfect hiking, biking, trail-running and horseback riding weather. So what should you keep in …
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