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Carson National Forest steps up fire restrictions

Managers with the Carson National Forest announced Monday (May 21) they will impose more limits on fires in the forest effective Wednesday (May 23). The forest went into its first round of fire …

Primary election 2018: New Mexico State Representative

The State of New Mexico has approximately 70 representatives. These elected officials represent Districts 1 to 70 throughout the state.  District 41 encompasses parts of Rio Arriba, Santa Fe …

Primary 2018: Taos County positions up for election

Here are the job descriptions and salaries for Taos County Assessor, County Commissioner, Magistrate Judges, and Sheriff.
Taos County Commission District 1 candidate

Primary 2018: Jim K. Fambro

The chairman of the Taos County Board of Commissioners, Jim Fambro, is running for a second term in the upcoming Democratic primaries.Fambro was first elected to public office in 2014 to represent …
Taos County Assessor candidate

Primary 2018: Maria Dimas

Maria Dimas, a Taoseña who's proud to have made a life for herself in her hometown, is one of three people running to be the Taos County Assessor for the next four-year term. She promises to …
Taos County Assessor candidate

Primary 2018: Randy L. Baca

While the March municipal races were filled with young people running their first election campaign, the locals running for county and state offices are noticeably older. Except, of course, for Randy …
State House District 41 candidate

Primary 2018: Susan Herrera

Susan Herrera, the founding director of the education-focused Los Alamos National Lab Foundation, is looking to unseat the current state representative for House District 41 and promises to put forth …
Colfax County Assessor candidate

Primary 2018: Kristi E. Graham

Kristi E. Graham, a lifelong resident and the chief deputy assessor for Colfax County, has thrown her name in the hat to replace the outgoing county assessor in the June 5 primary races.
Colfax County Commission District 1 candidate

Primary 2018: Jim Maldonado

Jim Maldonado, a longtime political figure in Colfax County, is running to take back a seat on the county commission in the upcoming primary.Maldonado is running for the District 1 race against …
Colfax County Commission District 1 candidate

Primary 2018: Roy P. Fernandez

Roy P. Fernandez, the first-term Colfax County commissioner for District 1, is hoping the voters will give him an opportunity to serve another four years, so he can continue to push for needed …
State House District 41 candidate

Primary 2018: Debbie Rodella

Debbie Rodella, a longtime politician who represents a handful of precincts in Taos County but a large swath of Northern New Mexico, is seeking another term in the June primary.
Taos County Commission District 5 candidate

Primary 2018: Jerry Yeargin

Jerry Yeargin, a resident of Taos Canyon and a longtime critic of the Forest Service because of grazing near the Río Fernando, is running to unseat the commissioner for the sprawling southern …
Police reports

Inmates captured after escaping from Sandoval County Detention Center

Two inmates that escaped from the Sandoval County Adult Detention Center Friday night (May 5) have been captured.

Accused Costilla shooter released, turns over weapons

Andrew Bernard Mott, the man accused of assaulting an off-duty New Mexico State Police officer and his family in Costilla on March 11, has been released from the Taos County Adult Detention Center.Mott,

New Mexico gears up for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Residents throughout New Mexico are invited to participate in National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, an initiative designed to reduce prescription drug-related deaths by collecting unused …

Lt. David Maggio appointed acting police chief

Lt. David Maggio, a 20-year veteran of the Taos Police Department, was named “acting police chief” immediately following Randall Parmer’s final day on the job yesterday, Friday …

Former Mr. New Mexico found guilty of 2014 murder

By Cody Hooks chooks@taosnews.com The Taos News Micola “Mick” Sopyn, a former bodybuilder once named Mr. New Mexico, was found guilty of second-degree murder and use of a firearm by a …

Police blotter March 22-27

The following is a condensed version of the Taos Police Department blotter from March 22-27. March 22 7:38 a.m. Battery, Martinez Lane – A mother said her son grabbed her and hurt her. She …
Tips to Grow Younger

Sugar's link to depression

Last month I talked about sugar and your pineal gland. This month it's sugar and depression. Many doctors agree that the most damaging thing we can eat is sugar. It is a major cause of inflammation …

Keeping kids healthy this summer

The weather is warm and the school year is drawing to a close, much to the delight of kids, teachers and many parents. As a parent...

Bullock's orioles help usher in spring migration

Color has returned to Northern New Mexico. Bullock's orioles are beginning to show up. This bright orange and black-colored bird is a member of the Icteridae family …
Wonderful World of Native Plants

Buckwheats gone wild

Have you ever eaten American buckwheat pancakes, kasha, Japanese soba noodles, Russian blinis, French galettes (savory crêpes) and wondered, "What is this ingredient buckwheat anyway?!"Despite …

Taos Valley farms break new (and old) ground

The land and water of Taos Valley have been sustaining human life for more than 10,000 years since the first nomadic people came here. As corn became a bigger part of their diet, the Native people …

Herb ofthe Month: Whitetop, Hoary cress, Wild broccoli

In Northern New Mexico, you will see this noticeable member of the mustard family blooming in the spring months of April and May.
Success stories
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Success Story: Riverside Funeral Home of Santa Fe

The people at Riverside Funeral Home of Santa Fe want to be of service to families during times of grief, and they want to do so in an affordable way.
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Success Story: Taos County Chamber of Commerce

Taos has an active and engaged business community. More than 400 businesses belong to the Taos County Chamber of Commerce. With its participating members, a board of directors and two staff people, …
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Success Story: El Pueblito United Methodist Church

El Pueblito United Methodist Church, founded in 1960, is a humble house of worship staffed with humble workers. Yet its Taos community outreach is powerful. Its building is not a huge, campus-style …
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Success Story: Phoenix Mechanical

The day begins early at Phoenix Mechanical. Even before the sun is up, Bob Draper and his large crew of employees are busy preparing to help residential and commercial customers. “On an …
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Success Story: Wolfgang's Spa Works

Hot tubs were once marketed as ‘party things.’ While a hot tub can be used for entertainment, its health benefits of hydrotherapy are now more widely known. Which is why for many …
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Success Story: Enchanted Florist

This year marks Enchanted Florist’s 25th year in business in Taos. The local, independent and family-owned business is run by Marjorie and Robert Perry and their daughter Carly Reyes.

Stuck at the bottom: Why New Mexico fails to thrive

For almost 30 years, New Mexico has maintained an iron grip on the bottom rung of key rankings.  

Early childhood education may be key to solving economic woes

Over the last two decades, New Mexico has turned its pockets inside out to keep old businesses from leaving and attract new ones to open their doors.
Special report

A shot in the dark

It had been months since he had pulled the trigger, but Abe Gordon still couldn't find the words. He would play back the shooting in his head. The argument on the roadway in El Llano. The …

Incarcerated by addiction

Addiction, in one form or another, has been a problem here in Northern New Mexico for generations. But as opioids have entered the lives of thousands of norteño families over the past two …
Special report

Taos detainees talk addiction

Stephen Bunker, 36 “I grew up on the streets pretty much,” said Stephen Bunker inside the jail's B pod. Bunker spent his first years along the southern coast of Florida. His parents …
Special report

Treating an epidemic

At the end of June, Abe Gordon walked out of the summer heat and into the Taos County Adult Detention Center, where his clients were starting to emerge from their cells. The women's pod was his …
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