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Editorial - Our picks: Lujan Grisham, Morales, Colón, VeneKlasen

Voters who go to the polls on June 5, or those who vote early, beginning May 19 will have many choices if they are Democrats.

Editorial: Choose, vote, hold to account

Early voting began Tuesday (May 8) for Taos County and statewide primary races. A lot is at stake.

Editorial: Next steps for downtown?

“Preserve open space and agricultural lands. Create a self-sufficient, strong economy that pays good wages and doesn’t rely on tourism; respect for diverse cultures; recreational and …

Editorial: Celebrate trees

How often have we walked underneath trees, enjoyed the shade they provide on a hot summer day, listened to the rustle of leaves or exclaimed aloud at the beauty of those with blossoms blooming?Trees …

Editorial: The economics of a faltering tradition

Ultimately, money talks. And this, Taoseños, is what has led to the slow death of the acequia culture, tradition and heart of Taos.

Letter: Is Trump Mentally Ill?

The American Psychiatric Association lists several symptoms of what is called a narcissistic personality disorder. These include grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to criticism and lack of …

Letter: Stephanie Garcia Richard for State Land Commissioner

Stephanie Garcia Richard for State Land CommissionerI am a life member of the Sierra Club and have been on the executive committee of the Río Grande Chapter and chair of my local Pajarito group. …

Thanks from Taos Environmental Film Festival

The Taos Environmental Film Festival is grateful for the participation of the following satellite events and persons before, during and after the film festival: SOMOS mentors and "Poets for the …

Letter: Clarifying Abeyta well

I would like to clarify a statement made by The Taos News in the May 3 - 9, 2018 issue in the Cody Hooks article on the Abeyta Settlement wherein it has stated that El Prado …

Letter: Invitation to students

Taos Middle School would like to invite all fifth , sixth and seventh-grade students from Taos International School to come pre-register, shadow and visit our school on Friday, …

Letter: Hogrefe best sheriff candidate

=Over the last few years, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe the Taos County Sheriff's Department under the direction of Sheriff Hogrefe.

Letter: A thanks to Taos

Dear Taos Community Friends, Thank you so much for being part of my studio/gallery debut and SallyGators Launch Party Saturday, (April 21).

Letter: Banding together to protect home

Banding together to protect homeWhile Ms. Reyna's article on "Surviving Columbus" is quite relevant, I have conducted readings for several years and have identified three Las Vegas, New Mexico, …

Letter: Support Ortega

I support and endorse Ernie Ortega for (Rio Arriba County) Magistrate Judge, Division 1.

Letter: Drought or no, plenty of rafting available

"What are those poor rafters going to do?" is a question I've already heard in this drought season now descending upon us. The short answer is that we, your local outfitters, are rafting, and will continue to do so for the full-length of the summer tourist season.

Letter: Applauding clergy who speak out

Where in the Gospels does Christ command us to be silent on the most pressing public safety issues of our time?

Letter: Who will lead on environment?

Twenty years of farming has made me aware of the importance of water, not only for Northern New Mexico, but also for all of our state. Unlike generations before me, I can …
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Without Reservations

Opinion: Chamber makes school its business

The Taos County Chamber of Commerce education committee sends thanks and gives great appreciation to the Taos community members, teachers, students, administrators and alumni of Taos High School that …

Opinion: Town Manager Bellis is misunderstood?

In her declared effort at "setting the record straight" concerning Taos Town Manager Rick Bellis ("Rick Bellis: Setting the record straight," The Taos News, April 26, 2018), Tina Hahn does nothing of …

Opinion: New Mexico needs to support Southwest Chief, buy rails

On May 9, Colorado approved $2.5 million to establish the Southwest Chief and Front Range Rail Commission for planning and startup costs of extending the Southwest Chief passenger train service from …

Opinion: Hogrefe asks for voter support in upcoming election

I'm Jerry Hogrefe and I'm asking for your support for re-election as County Sheriff, so together we can continue to make a positive difference in our community. By the time this letter makes it to …
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