More snow predicted for Taos

Continental US - Lower-level Water Vapor - IR, Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020.
National Weather Service meteorologists are predicting another 24-hour round of snow for the Taos area.
Google mapsThe area in green is the Camino Fiesta subdivision land, near Taos Pizza Outback off Paseo del Pueblo Norte. If approved, this will become 49-single family lots.

Taos Planning and Zoning discusses subdivision and short-term rentals

A 49-lot project proposed near Taos Pizza Outback off Paseo del Pueblo Norte won't be for affordable housing, according to the developer during a Jan. 8 presentation to the Taos Planning and Zoning Commission.
Matthew Narvaiz/Taos NewsTwo fishermen brave the cold winds that hit Eagle Nest Lake on Monday (Jan. 13). An ice fishing tournament is scheduled at the lake Saturday (Jan. 25) with top anglers taking home cash prizes.

Ice fishing tournament to be held at Eagle Nest Lake

Picture this: Snow all around, maybe clear skies or maybe not, and a fishing rod with its line down in a hole in the ice of a lake. That is some of what will be happening on Saturday (Jan. 25) at Eagle Nest Lake State Park for the ice fishing tournament coordinated by the Friends of Eagle Nest Lake and Cimarrón State Parks.

Taos News sneak peek for the week

On newsstands Thursday,  this week’s edition includes a new Enchanted Homes issue, some follow-ups on the past week's big stories, and more:

Sabotaging intimacy

Dear Dr. Ted: I have noticed that I can be standoffish and sabotage opportunity for close relationships as well as relationships outside my inner circle. Is this from losses in my life or am I just "messed up" and can't get it together? Thanks, Margie
Contemporary artist Larry Bell, who turned 80 in December, has been an iconic figure in the Taos art world since the 1970s.

New fund is designed to help emerging artists

When artist Larry Bell turned 80 years of age on Dec. 6, 2019, his friends, fans and collectors took the occasion to show their love and appreciation for him. Now a second birthday-inspired tribute promises to honor Bell's lifetime of work and carry his legacy forward in service to future generations of artists and art lovers.
Chevron’s water treatment plant located east of Questa has the capacity to clean and treat 3,200 gallons of water per minute. It currently discharges an average of 800 gpm each day.

Chevron’s Questa water treatment plant achieves billion-gallon milestone

Chevron Environmental Management Company announces that its Questa water treatment plant has discharged its billionth gallon of clean, treated water into the Red River.
Local news

More snow predicted for Taos

National Weather Service meteorologists are predicting another 24-hour round of snow for the Taos area.

Taos Opinions
Taos County commissioners blew it - big time
"Special" indeed was the Dec. 30, 2019 Taos County Board of Commissioners special meeting. The commissioners had the sole power to …
Time to vote Trump out of office
The reckless President Donald J. Trump may have blown any chance he had for reelection. His headstrong and heedless assassination of a …
New 'Dips' would provide outdoor activity for local families
Growing up in Taos, we were always outside playing, riding our bikes from one park to the other. Inevitably, we would find ourselves …
Let the sausage making begin
The New Mexico State Legislature begins a short 30-day session at noon Tuesday (Jan. 21). Taos County will have two familiar faces …
Time for Taos mobile spay-neuter
The horrific incident of dogs mauling a woman recently near Taos has driven home a sad fact: Taos County has far too many canines …
Here's to the end of a fraught decade
Not only is 2019 over but so is the decade of the 2010s. It was not a very good one for either the United States or the world as a …
Tourism boom means untapped job potential
Across the state of New Mexico, towns and communities are celebrating economic growth, development of new businesses, new jobs created …
What is racism?
I truly thought things were getting better until I ran into racism out in the open here in Taos. I was talking to a new …
Abeyta plan detrimental to Taos Valley natural water system
Beginning in 2018, a group of concerned community members issued a series of public statements regarding the Abeyta Settlement …
La Vida

Saying no to addictive foods

So 2020 is here and you've decided this is the year you will improve your diet and lose weight. Not surprisingly, that's the number one resolution for most Americans. Also, not surprisingly, a study conducted by the University of Scranton has found that 80 percent of New Year's resolutions have been abandoned by February - only about 8 percent of us hang in there long enough to achieve our goals.

Tempo Arts & Entertainment
Movie review: ‘Doolittle’
I was never a big fan of Rex Harrison’s British musical version, and Eddie Murphy’s contemporary American take on “Dr. …
Artist proves there's no barrier to creativity
Ten days away from her solo art exhibition and Jesse is beside herself with excitement, her mother Stevie says, referring to her Taos …
Counterculture poet rewrites the travels of Cabeza de Vaca
In his posthumously published epic hybrid poem, "Cabeza de Vaca," poet Peter Rabbit (born Peter Douthit in 1936) reconsiders history. …
'Sound healer' taps wellness trend
"Every day, we are bombarded by noise that keeps us from accessing the peaceful silence within," said Taos sound healer Jvala …
Groove to up-tempo urban soul
Clifton (C-Plus) Johnson and Woody Andrew, from Oklahoma City, have been playing music together for more than 20 years now, playing …
Actor Robert Walker Jr. dies
The light in Taos is exceptional and something for which it is noted, but its glow sometimes emanates from something other than the …
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Renowned Taos mountaineer looks for new challenge

TAOS SKI VALLEY - A trio of retrievers scamper in the snow ahead of Dave Hahn as he hikes in his ski boots along Highline Ridge and gazes out over the sprawling Sangre de Cristo Mountains under a brilliant blue sky.

Rio Grande Water Level

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