Taos BLM office gets 2-month leader


The Taos Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management has a new leader, albeit a temporary one.

Pamela Mathis, who has worked extensively in the Arizona branch of the federal agency, was given a 60-day assignment as the acting field manager of the Taos office, which is responsible for BLM lands far beyond Taos County, across ten counties in Northern New Mexico.

The field office was without a full-time manager after Sarah Schlanger left her post in December for a position at the state BLM office in Santa Fe.

Mathis comes to Taos as part of the BLM's "leadership academy," she said. Rising leaders in the agency spend a year in the program, taking on short-term leadership positions, attending classes and working with other land management professionals to improve the BLM's internal systems.

Mathis is part of a team to make the BLM's internal database of the most up-to-date policies and procedures more user-friendly and searchable. She said this would especially help small, rural offices of the agency, such as the Taos Field Office.