Booze and bullets lead to two arrests in Taos


Taos Police Officers arrested two people in separate, but related traffic stops Saturday evening (March 24) – Joshua Trujillo, 23, for allegedly shooting a firearm from a vehicle, and Anna Chavez, 30, for allegedly driving while intoxicated in another vehicle.

About two hours prior to the arrests, police responded to a call of shots fired at the intersection of Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Los Pandos Road.

Police located two alleged victims of the shooting in the parking lot at Taos Tattoo.

One woman said she had been driving northbound near the intersection with Los Pandos Road when a gold Chevy Malibu sped down the center median and then turned right onto Los Pandos. She said she honked her horn at the vehicle. In response, she said that a male passenger in dark clothing – later identified as Trujillo – leaned out of a window of the vehicle and fired four to five shots in her direction.

No one was hit during the shooting, according to a police report. Police also determined that none of the bullets had struck the woman's vehicle.

While speaking with one of the witnesses, Taos Central Dispatch relayed an anonymous tip that identified the shooter as Trujillo and said he could be seen on surveillance footage captured by a camera at Giant gas station, located near El Taoseño restaurant.

Reviewing the footage, police first identified Chavez, who pulled into the station in a white Jeep Cherokee and then exited to buy alcohol.

Trujillo arrived after in a gold Malibu. Police noted that Trujillo was wearing dark clothing, as a witness had described. Finally, police noticed that a black Pontiac sedan had parked near Chavez's Jeep.

According to a statement of probable cause filed this week, the drivers and passengers of the vehicles all appeared to know one another based on their interactions outside the station and appeared to have been traveling as a kind of caravan.

When the gold Malibu left the station, Chavez allegedly followed around 7:02 p.m, a time which officers noted was consistent with the time of the alleged shooting.

Around 9:30 p.m., officers located Chavez in her Jeep outside the north side Allsup's gas station in El Prado and arrested her on suspicion of DWI.

Simultaneously, a second officer located Trujillo in the gold Malibu driven by Peter Martinez. Police discovered .40 caliber handgun ammunition and 12-gauge shotgun shells inside the vehicle. They also found a spent .40 caliber shell casing on the roof of the Malibu.

Searching Trujillo, they found marijuana smoking paraphernalia in his pockets.

Martinez said that he and some friends had been shooting guns out near U.S. Highway 64 West that day. After initially denying stopping at Giant gas station or having any awareness of the shooting, he later admitted to the sequence of events and identified Trujillo as the shooter, according to police.

Police arrested Trujillo, but released Martinez at the scene, stating that he may be later charged as an accomplice.

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