Charges dropped against Montezuma man accused of beating two women


A battery case against Eli Crowe, a Montezuma man accused of beating up two Pueblo women last year near Llano Hot Springs, was dropped March 8 after a preliminary hearing in Taos District Court.

Deputy District Attorney Ron Olsen of the 8th Judicial District Attorney's Office said this week that "serious issues were raised as to the listed victims' credibility as well as regarding their level of intoxication and resulting poor memory regarding the circumstances."

Olsen also said that one of the women requested the district attorney to drop the charges after she had testified in court.

Last year, Crowe was picked up on an arrest warrant that charged him with two counts of battery for allegedly beating up the two women during an altercation Aug. 26, 2017 in the Miranda Canyon area, which is located near tribal lands.

The women, having suffered various injuries during the altercation, later visited Holy Cross Hospital, where they told law enforcement that Crowe had punched them in the face after telling them they had to leave the area.

Crowe later contacted The Taos News with a different story, stating that he was camping in the area and trying to get sleep. The two women started harassing and threatening him, he said, eventually throwing rocks in his direction. Crowe said he "struck out" at the women in self-defense.

According to court records, Crowe has been in court before, including a voyeurism case against a minor in 2013. In that case, Crowe pleaded no contest and was placed on an 18-month period of supervised probation, which he completed, granting him a conditional discharge.