Colfax County: Graham wins assessors seat; Baca takes sheriff race


The race for Colfax County Assessor was the only close one in the June 5 primary as Kristi Graham narrowly edged out Suzanne Valdez 757 to 722. Leonard Baca, undersheriff at the Colfax County Sheriff's Department, handily won the nod from Colfax county Democrats. No Republicans ran for the position.

Unofficial Primary Election Results from Colfax County

Magistrate Judge, Division 1

Democratic - Sarah M Montoya, 1,004 unopposed

Republican - Warren G Walton, 522 unopposed

Magistrate Judge, Division 2

Democratic - Felix Pena, unopposed

No Republicans

County Commissioner, District 1

Democratic -

Roy P Fernandez 334 (53.96%)

Jim Maldonado 285 46.04%

No Republicans

Total Votes 619

County Commissioner, District 2

Democratic -

Bobby LeDoux 348 unopposed

No Republicans

County Assessor


Kristi E Graham 757 51.18%

Suzanne M Valdez 722 48.82%

No Republicans

Total Votes 1,479

County Sheriff

Democratic -

Leonard M Baca Jr 905 61.69%

Steve A Marquez 562 38.31%

No Republicans

Total Votes 1,467

Probate Judge

Democratic - Patrick L Casias 1,173 unopposed

Republican - Royal A Quint 482 unopposed

Colfax County Election Results