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Do the benefits of digital technologies outweigh the risks?

Privacy issues, cyber attacks, and just plain annoying scam calls dominate the headlines


While Facebook privacy lapses capture the most glaring national headlines,  more insidious issues with digital technologies are at play.

For example, the FBI issued a warning that home routers might have fallen prey to a malware attack by a group of hackers with ties to the Russian military. Related to this type of home invasion, our columnist Malinda Williams (executive director of Community Against Violence) wrote on how digital tools can be used for domestic violence, sexual abuse, and stalking.  Centinel Bank has recently issued a list of reminders for online users to protect their identity.

It's not just the Internet and computers. Many cell phone users in New Mexico have been receiving what seems like an endless stream of scam phone calls, prompting the NM Attorney General Hector Balderas to issue a warning. Even the President (sort of) is able to text you – with no opt-out of those notifications.

So, with all of these high-profile examples making the news, tell us: Do you think the benefits of digital technologies outweigh the risks?

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