Enviros blast federal budget


Udall and environmental groups wasted no time in criticizing President Donald J. Trump's 2019 budget proposal for the federal government.

The budget came out Monday (Feb. 12) and calls for deep cuts to some programs and agencies while increasing overall spending. The budget itself isn't binding but acts as a statement on political priorities for the coming year.

"It drastically cuts research on climate change and dismantles essential protections for clean air, clean water, public lands and a healthy future for our kids," said Udall in a prepared statement.

The Trump administration has made repeated efforts, some of them successful, to repeal various environmental rules and regulations with executive action.

Funding for nuclear weapons programs, including those in Los Alamos and Albuquerque, would see an increase of over $1 billion. Still, Udall said short-term payouts for the county's defense will happen by "mortgaging diplomacy, education and families across the country."

The Center for Western Priorities, a progressive environmental think tank based in Colorado, similarly called the budget "a one-two punch on our national parks and public lands."