Equine Spirit Sanctuary needs extra help

Founder injured in fall


Taking care of horses is no easy task, especially when injured while doing so. 

Ruth Bourgeois, founder of Equine Spirit Sanctuary in Taos, said she was a "clutz" and fell off a haystack recently. "I have a sprained knee and tore the ACL. It's healing well but I am still not very mobile," wrote Bourgeois in an update emailed to supporters.

The sanctuary takes in neglected and abandoned horses and trains them to become therapy animals, helping children and adults who have physical and emotional challenges.

Bourgeois noted several volunteers have already put in extra time helping keep all the horses fed. "The horses appreciated the extra help too, as no one missed a meal and all the work got done," she said.

She said extra help is most needed on Tuesday (March 6). 

"Please feel free to invite friends and relatives to come out to work for a couple hours of fresh air, sunshine, a little warm spring windy weather, and some memorable moments with our four-legged friends," Bourgeois noted in the email.

Equine Spirit Sanctuary is located at 13 Los Caballos Road. Call 575-758-1212 for more information.