Fiesta show

Studio 107-B debuts 'Red, White and Brown' right on Taos Plaza


The next exhibition planned at Studio 107-B is titled "Red, White and Brown." Gallery owner-director Maye Torres announces that it is being mounted to honor the tricultural heritage of Taos, and because it is opening during the annual Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana de Taos it also pays respects to the "rich history of arts continuing to be created in Northern New Mexico."

The show will open with a reception Saturday (July 21), 4-7 p.m. at the venue located at 107-B Taos Plaza. Admission is free and the public is invited.

"Red, White, and Brown" also "salutes the camaraderie between working artists and the respect they have for one another regardless of their culture and background or race," Torres said in a statement.

Artists included in the show are a multicultural mix of dedicated creatives from Taos, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and San Luís, Colo. Each has a legacy of creating great art that is innovative and cutting edge in their disciplines and chosen mediums. They include: Larry Bell, Luís Barela, Anita Rodríguez, Ron Davis, Geri Track, Angie Coleman, Paul DanceBow, Suzanne Wiggin, Peter Chinni, Michael Vigil, Jack Smith, Bianca Maestas, Jodi Herrera, Francisco Benítez, Dawning Pollen Shorty, Michael Hensley, Diane Reyna, Gina Ortiz, Sharon Dryflower Reyna, Augustine Mirabal, Randy Roughface, Soge Track, Gretchen Ewert and Huberto Maestas.

"All of these artists are world class in their disciplines and mediums," Torres continues. "They were either born in Taos or have made Taos their home. Year after year, they enter their studios to create work that is authentic, innovative, full of emotion and beauty; haunting or apparent. They work from the heart, the soul, the spirit and the mind, physically bringing new ideas and works of art into existence."

Setting the stage for introspection and visual elegance are works by Larry Bell, Peter Chinni, Gretchen Ewert and Ron Davis. "Their works of art have the ability to move the viewers in a powerful way. Jack Smith, master of the brush and paint on copper, will show his luscious smaller paintings."

San Luís sculptor Huberto Maestas and Bianca, his talented daughter, bring the classical strength of figurative bronze (cast in studio) to the show. Santa Fe's Francisco Benítez, from Santa Fe, will exhibit a few of his stunning paintings, "rich in dreamlike symbols and masterfully painted," Torres said. He just returned from his successful one-person exhibit in Spain.

"Jodi Herrera, who lives in Albuquerque, is a shining star on the art scene," she said. "Her incredible works of art, some mixed media on wooden panels, never fail to amaze the audience, at the young age of 26."

Taoseños represented in the show include sculptors Geri Track, John Suazo, Luís Barela, Sharon Dry Flower Reyna, Anita Rodríguez, Leonard Salazar, Dawning Pollen Shorty, Augustine Mirabal, Paul DanceBow, Diane Reyna, Soge Track and Gina Ortiz.

"Each of these artists have the blood of the land in their veins and the movement of the water and fire in their creations," Torres said. "They deliver art that speaks to the soul, using traditional materials and new ideas … Between Hank Saxe's ceramic genius, Michael Vigil's masterful colors and compositions, and Suzanne Wiggin's stunning landscapes the show will be complete. Emerging artist Randy Roughface rounds off the show with his unique river rock sculptures."

The show is produced and sponsored by the core artists of Studio 107-B: Frank Seckler, Izumi Yokoyama, Isaiah Trujillo and Maye Torres.

"Red, White and Brown" will be on view through Sept. 3. For more information, call (575) 779-7832.