Movie review: 'Bad Samaritan'

Suspenseful thriller manages to transcend its clickbait title


Tempo grade: C+

Dean Devlin is a producer best known for blockbuster pictures, such as "Independence Day," "Godzilla" and "Stargate." But, as a director, his rather light resume now lists a nifty little thriller with a typical Saturday afternoon clickbait title, "Bad Samaritan."

Starring Robert Sheehan, the film follows a guy who apparently is a talented but struggling photographer who has a pretty girlfriend that is head over heels in love with him. To make ends meet, he works as a valet for a fancy Portland, Oregon restaurant.

To make ends meet even further, he and a coworker run a little burglary racket on the side. They break into the homes of restaurant customers while they are eating. There, they take a few inconsequential yet valuable items. Then they return their car to the mark after the meal, none the wiser. That is, until the boys pick on a customer with a very dark secret back home.

Devlin's film revels in placing the audience in a near-constant state of anxiety even when Sean Falco (Sheehan) is enjoying the company of his girlfriend, Riley (Jacqueline Byers), innocently snapping a private photo of her he swears he will never show anyone else. Later, his buddy Derek (Carlito Ontivero) conducts one of the thefts and nearly gets caught when he discovers a doberman in the house.

It's all about the thrill of doing something extremely risky and fraught with disaster at each move. All of this, of course, is rehearsal for what will come.

This time, a man named Cale Erendreich (David Tennant) drives up to the restaurant in a gorgeous Maserati sports car. Obviously stinking rich, he sneers at the boys as he hands over the keys before stepping into the eatery.

It's Sean's turn, so he zips over to Cale's very modern, tech-dominated domicile and instantly knows he's hit the jackpot. That's when he discovers Cale has a special room where he has a young woman tied up and held captive.

But, when he removes Katie's (Kerry Condon) gag, she tells him he has the place wired for surveillance, including the ability to access the cameras via his cellphone. Then, Derek tells him Cale is suddenly done and demanding his car.

Sean is now faced with several dilemmas at once: Find a tool to cut Katie loose, risk being caught by Cale who obviously is seriously deranged, or simply leave without a trace and call the cops later provided Cale doesn't kill Katie in the meantime.

After that, it's a roller coaster ride of dilemmas for Sean as Cale discovers his secret has been discovered and now takes great pleasure in doing everything he can to destroy the boy's life. Sean, surprisingly, has been shown the error of his ways and even tries to get the police and FBI involved, but Cale is smart, very rich and very wily. He may also be a very experienced serial killer.

Although somewhat cartoony and very manipulative, "Bad Samaritan" knows what buttons to push, plus it keeps its pace fast enough to prevent the audience from taking note of certain plot holes. The acting isn't bad either, with Tennant having a great time as a total madman, and Sheehan forever on the edge of madness while trying to get someone, anyone, to believe him.

"Bad Samaritan" is rated R for violence, language throughout, some drug use and brief nudity.

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This film will be screened daily.

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