Getting lost with Google Maps


I have an issue of public safety that I’d like to bring to people’s awareness. It’s about the ability of emergency responders to locate the house of someone in need of help, when using a GPS locator.

I have found some GPS programs and Google Maps sometimes do not do a good job at showing houses and businesses where they actually are. Twice in the past, I have given Google Maps feedback to fix two problems I’d found, which they did correct. Then, I moved a little over a year ago to a house on West Camino Abajo de la Loma in Ranchos and again, I found that the house number I lived in was in the wrong place. So I had Google Maps fix it, and afterwards, I saw it had been corrected.

But the problems continued. I recently stopped driving and needed to go to the hospital in Albuquerque. I had an appointment to be picked up by a medical driving company. Using a GPS map, the new driver could not find my place. He called me and I was able to direct him. So after getting back from Albuquerque, I looked again on Google Maps. What I found was that if you put in West Camino Abajo de la Loma, you’ll only get East Camino Abajo de la Loma because there is no “West” on Google Maps. I was only able to find my address by abbreviating Camino to Cam. But I wonder, how many emergency responders would think to do that? Instead, they’d probably wind up miles away from my house on the east side of Route 68.

So if anyone reading this wants to help correct these mistakes, hit the feedback on the lower right hand corner of Google Maps to fix it. It’s not hard and it just might save a life. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out your own address. The time it takes may save your life.