Hard rockers express failure of flesh

The musical results of flawed humanity join forces to bring chaos

By Dawn Franco
Posted 10/23/19

Heavy metal isn't just a genre for Captured! by Robots - it's the structural anatomy for its controlling members.

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Hard rockers express failure of flesh

The musical results of flawed humanity join forces to bring chaos


Heavy metal isn't just a genre for Captured! by Robots - it's the structural anatomy for its controlling members. Fronthuman Jay Vance and opening band St. Victims take the stage at Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership on Tuesday (Oct. 29) to musically capture the flaws of fleshed mortals.

Vance, known as JBOT of Captured! by Robots, has been making music, touring, recording as well as following the whim of his fellow bandmates, GTRBOT 666 and DRMBOT 0110, for 23 years. Hailing from San Francisco, JBOT had previously played with Homo sapiens before growing tired of their tendencies toward drug use, egos and lack of commitment.

It's said the robots have rebelled and implanted a chip in JBOT's brain so he serves them to spread their message about the real condition of humanity and its imminent affliction and destruction.

"It's music about the human condition and how screwed-up people are and our emotions and all this stuff below the surface that people don't like to talk about," said JBOT. "We are like locusts - we just consume, consume, consume until there's nothing else to consume. We can't see the larger picture - we just see what's in front of us and we have all this greed."

Using a combination of thrash, sludge and grindcore, Captured! by Robots displays their loathing for the human species. Lyrics critique human behavior and question the human experience, exploring concepts like avarice, lack of empathy, inability to communicate, violence, debt, poverty, suffering, corruption, government and the state of the environment. JBOT feels Captured! by Robots has finally hit their prime condition. He has never been more sure of the music he's creating. GTRBOT and DRMBOT are reaching new musical potentials and they're celebrating with a tour for the new six-track EP "Broken as Fuck."

"Finally after 23 years I can say I'm proud of this band," said JBOT. "It's been night and day, as the robots improved I can do more crazy things. Now GTRBOT can do incredible Gallup-style picking and DRMBOT can play faster than people," said JBOT.

More than 6 feet tall, GTRBOT plays a Frankenstein instrument, a custom, two-neck bass and guitar fretted creation, while DRMBOT's percussion capacity is an estimated 600 BPM. The robots do not merely play - they also reply to comments online, insult the human race and even taunt the audience.

"They [robots] talk a lot of shit, they are vicious and super mean," said JBOT. "They swear, they heckle the crowd, they talk a lot of shit online. They even have an online portal where they just destroy people and combat online comments," said JBOT.

Amid the fury and chaos of the band, however, there is a silver lining. Despite the harsh exterior and antihuman content, Captured! by Robots considers cooperation and creating something worthwhile from what can appear to be rubbish.

"The overall mantra of Captured! by Robots is to take some garbage and make something amazing," said JBOT. "That's what I do with my life," he said. He invites the broken, the damaged and the curious to attend the show. "People who are broken and have problems will enjoy what we do," said JBOT. "Expect it to be chaotic, crazy, funny and insane. If you enjoy seeing things you've never seen before and smiling to the point where your face hurts it's the show for you," said JBOT.

The sound of administering the wrong dose

Opening for the human-opposed machines will be Santa Fe's St. Victims.

Singer and trombonist Enrique Martinez, guitarist Zac Hogan, drummer Bryce Payton and Bassist Niels Hansen created St. Victims from a morbid joke regarding a local Santa Fe hospital, St. Vincent.

The band aims to be more comedic than political.

The band has released a self-titled eight-track EP. Tracks such as "Prescription to Mosh" and "Another Day at the Office with Dr. Ick" further question medical practices as well as lighten the tension with some humor. Other songs explore more bizarre medical conditions such as "Botfly Reunion," a song about a person's sense of loss after being relieved of a parasitic fly.

"Like Gwar we are a band that doesn't take themselves too seriously and has fun with it - that's what we are going for," said Hogan.

The band completes the theme with stage costumes. Martinez will be dressed as a doctor while the other three members will be suited in scrubs. They all wear surgerical masks Martinez illustrated to have sinister grins.

"Rick [Martinez] has a prescription pad and even writes down fake prescriptions while we are on the stage," said Hogan.

Release your frustration with the human race, witness musically inclined droids and perhaps receive a custom prescription at the St. Victims and Captured! by Robots show at The Mothership this Tuesday. Doors open at 7 p.m. This is all ages show, bar with ID only. Call the venue for more information at (575) 758-1900.


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