Judge allows Taos International School to open


Taos International School celebrated June 20 as a Santa Fe District Court judge stayed the school's closure pending the outcome of an appeal.

The charter school will be allowed to operate as per usual with classes beginning September 4, according to School Director Nadine Vigil.

Taos International's charter was not renewed by the New Mexico Public Education Commission earlier this year due to the school receiving low performance grades for the past three years. The commission's decision was upheld by Public Education Department Secretary Chris Ruszkowski.  Vigil and the charter school's governing board challenged the decision in court. A hearing was held June 14 on the appeal.

"TIS will continue with business as usual until further order of the court," Vigil said in an email. 

In issuing the decision, District Court Judge Francis J. Mathew rule the school would suffer "irreperable harm" if the stay was not granted and that the school was "likely to prevail" on the merits of the appeal. 

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