Know Your Neighbor: Mark Moos


Whoever said using computers makes our lives easier obviously hasn't experienced a computer breakdown. When this occurs, the occasion calls for a knowledgeable technician to solve problems such as a virus. For many years, computer owners have relied on Mark Moos at Taos Net for help with their software problems. After he left Taos Net, some of his former customers sought him out.

"I've been a geek all my life. Combining my skill set with my interests made sense to me, so I work at what I like best - helping others with their computer needs in order to make their lives better," Moos said during a recent interview.

Raised in the flatlands of Columbus, Ohio, Moos enjoyed skiing expert runs in 20 seconds. "That's because we were at 600 feet in altitude," he explained. He moved to Taos because of the huge population in Ohio. He longed for a more sedate, quiet life.

His early years included attending school with George Clooney. The actor received his First Holy Communion with Moos and other classmates at St. Michael's School in Worthington, Ohio. While in grade school, Moos discovered help and knowledge from a reliable source - Mrs. Custis, the school librarian at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School. The librarian recognized Moos' potential and purchased a subscription to Elementary Electronics for Moos. The magazine included projects, including one for a synthesizer, which Moos built in seventh grade. The librarian also made it possible for young Moos to check out extra library books at any given time.

In 1978, during Moos' high school years, he worked as an unofficial teacher's aide, helping other students. At the time, the instructor used an 8-inch floppy disk; the students used tape drivers in their own computers at school. "I started computer programming as a teenager," Moos said. "I watched a late-night talk show - I was 14 and listening to a futurist who said that the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' would be delineated by computer skills. I wanted to be a 'have,' " revealed Moos.

In Atlanta, Moos worked as a professional photographer during high school and college years. He served as a stringer for The Booster, located in Clintonville, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

After high school graduation, the young computer geek decided to study electrical engineering at Georgia School of Technology (Georgia Tech). He represented his family as a first-generation college student. Unfortunately, Moos developed mononucleosis and spent five days in the hospital. He missed time from school and would have withdrawn, but the deadline to do so occurred during his hospitalization. This resulted in no future funding and no class credit.

He eventually returned to college at Ohio State University and entered an accelerated program that included courses of interest, such as cultural anthropology and other topics not related to computers.

"Long ago, I built a computer from scratch, using old parts. I taught for the Worthington School District's after school and evening programs. Regarding teaching, I use the 'driver's ed. approach,' meaning that the classes occurred during a 16-week period. Ideally, I prefer a program that provides mentorship for the younger students," said Moos.

When asked how he discovered Taos, Moos credited Mary and Bob Hinds who he met in Columbus, Ohio. The couple lives on Lower Llano Road in Llano San Juan. He helped care for Mary in his early days here.

Moos is a founding board member of an organization of inventors. He likes to invent "little things," such as music instruments. Currently, he is working on glasses for "texters." In addition, he worked for Leilani Beerman of the Taos Business and Education Collaborative for a year. His job ended due to a lack of funding. He began employment with Taos Net in 2004 and completed his work there in March 2017.

"I've seen a big need for computer clean-ups over the past 12 years. Sadly, I've helped those who have their IDs stolen or helped people catch up on other work. I teach and repair software, but I don't do web pages or work on hardware," said Moos. He's met many people through his work and says he's documented over 3,000 clean-ups.

Moos also enjoys using his skills in music. He recorded and produced work for two different projects: Jenne McIntosh at the Sagebrush Inn and Ruth Fahrbach. Moos also enjoys rhythmic gymnastics. "I call my interest in this as 'the sport of chop and shop.' Many times, one is watching skaters complete a competitive routine. The music is too long, two minutes, when it should be one and a half minutes. I want to write music pieces that make sense and fit the time frame," said Moos.

The eldest of five children, Mark Moos credited his parents for his career interests. His late mother Jeannine Moos was an artist and his father Glenn Moos was an industrial manufacturer-manager in the plastics industry. Siblings are as follows: Renée Moos of Columbus, Ohio; Paul (Vicki) Moos of Cleveland, Ohio; Denise (Chris) Willman of Spring, Texas; and Alicia (David) Zeyen of Columbus, Ohio.

A special interest to Mark Moos includes his ministry. In 2010, he was ordained a rabbi and currently serves as pastor of the Hebrew Assembly of Yahweh. "The church was founded by Craig Emsweller, and my third sermon following my ordination was for my pastor's (Emsweller's) funeral," Moos said.

Rabbi Moos grew up on a bland diet. When he attended Georgia Tech, he met "IHOP people," meaning those who willingly shared about the foods of their cultures. Some of the "IHOP people" grew up in India, Colombia, Ecuador and Long Island (New York).

Moos enjoys sharing his opinions on the "My Turn" segment of The Taos News. One certainly remembers two of his contributions: "The day I went to be in the Olympics" and "I don't like lima beans." For the past 10 years, Moos has engaged in the joyful venture of riding the Cumbres-Toltec Railroad train at least once annually.

Moos said he enjoys owning his business and feels fortunate for his loyal following and for something that allows him to stay busy. "Yes, I'm still here and glad to help those who live in the area with their software needs," Moos concluded.

On his own at work, Moos shares his information on renaissounds and Call him at (575) 737-6631 for information or to make appointments.