Leader as discoverer (next in a series)


This and the previously discussed leader characteristics in this column certainly overlap. Unique dynamics and foci also exist within each characteristic. Within this series, have you identified where you personally and professionally connect with each one?

The leader as a discoverer is a seeker of adventure that can be found in the current surroundings and in the future frontiers. The search is for best practice processes that can bring greater efficiencies and increased profits. The search is to discover future paths that can expand present products and services for present and future customers. The seeker has wide-open eyes and a wide-open mind, seeking with intent to discover the ways of improvement, growth and sustainable success.

The discoverer is an explorer of old ways and new ways. An explorer is looking to see what they can find. Their looking is with curiosity and excitement. They know that more exists, the better and the greater yet to be discovered and created. The explorer travels through the familiar and the unfamiliar territories of work, study and learning. Such a leader is ambitious, courageous and enjoys their life and work of discovery.

The leader-discoverer is open to re-thinking to find the new, fresh and relevant. Over the years I have been impressed by people who are willing and able to change directions in thinking, theories and current modes of work. Tom Peters is such an author in the area of management. He openly states when an old way of thinking is no longer working and he needs to change, what he had stated before as fact is no longer so.

To probe is a part of this characteristic. It is to uncover and discover information through questioning and research. This can include examining our mistakes and failures. Oftentimes a failure will lead us to new discoveries that bring us to a realization never considered before. When we risk taking responsibility for our mistakes we can proudly recover and validate our new path of learning.

The leader as a discoverer can revel in their new-found potential passages to new ideas, discoveries and ways to bring management and leadership to new heights of expertise and professionalism. When we discover and learn that the ways we currently live and work are just scratching the surface of our human potential — and that amazing mysteries and miracles are within our reach — we can create new ways to live and new ways to do business never thought of before. We can do it!

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