Leena Horan, 1943 - 2017


Leena Horan, a resident of Taos for more than 30 years, passed away September 3, 2017 in Boston MA, where she was receiving treatment for cancer.

She left behind many dear friends in Taos, her daughter Tatja Hopman, son-in-law Pablo Hopman and grandchildren Mia and Remi in Boston. Among surviving family and friends in Finland are brother, Jussi Vertti and nieces Ilse Koskinen, Tiina Fagerstrom, Kati Tukiainen and nephews Jan Koskinen and Jukka Vertti.

Leena was born in Helsinki, Finland on November 27, 1943. Though she was very proud of her Finnish heritage, she loved the adventure of traveling to new countries and left Finland to explore new places. She enjoyed and took advantage of hiking, camping and cycling opportunities wherever she traveled but especially those around Taos.  She got enormous joy from spending hours on end playing and goofing off with her grandchildren.  She patiently taught them to bake traditional Finnish sweets, sew, knit and crochet. In addition, Leena was a true dog lover. When she didn't have her own dog, she adopted and took care of other's dogs as they were here own.