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Let’s Talk About It!

Taos youth helping each other

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Posted 2/8/18

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TISA Talks

Let’s Talk About It!

Taos youth helping each other


We’re here to help! Send us an email. We are launching a new advice column by students from the Taos Integrated School for the Arts for Taos students in The Taos News. Anonymous advice, no names needed. You got questions? We have answers!

Dear Let’s Talk About It,

Kids are getting bullied repeatedly at school.The bullies are getting away with it.

The school says they can’t help us unless one of the teachers hears one of the bullies say something mean.

What should we do?


No More Bull

Dear No More Bull,

You should not listen to the bullies. You should always believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you different. You’re special just the way you are.

Always let your teacher know that you’re feeling hurt by these students and ask her or him to help you come up with strategies together to change it. Many times the teacher has no idea it is even happening because bullies are stealthy.

Did you know that bullying is the number one reason kids don’t want to go to school and more than 3.2 million kids are victims of bullying? Please know you are not alone.

Bullies now have a whole new way to hurt people with all the social media and texting apps. We have a favorite anti-bullying app that we use, and yes, we have also experienced the wrath of insecure bullies. It actually spreads positive messages and compliments to your friends. The app is called Brighten and is available in the Apple app store for free.

Remember, most bullies are insecure, sad and usually bullied at home by a family member, so stay strong – it gets better!


Let’s Talk About It

Music, please

Dear Let’s Talk About It,

I think students should be able to listen to music on their headphones while working. Teachers don’t agree. How can I prove that it helps me to focus and do schoolwork!?


The Sound of Silence

Dear Sound of Silence,

Well, fellow music lover, we agree! Teachers do have a point, however, because some music is not the best for listening to while working. For example, heavy metal is probably not good for focusing, but other music is actually good to listen to while working. Songs with lyrics are more distracting than ones without lyrics when trying to focus on your school work.

The music to listen to while doing your schoolwork is classical. There is even a name for it: the “Mozart effect.”

Supposedly, after much research, classical music with its calm, peaceful and harmonious chords will actually help you focus. So we would recommend listening to classical music while you’re working.

Oh, and most important, try to convince your teacher by bringing up the Mozart effect. Do a little research and present it with some facts to your teachers, and soon you’ll be blissed out on Mozart while doing calculus like us.


Let’s talk about it!


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