Letter: A salute to the airport


I am a commercial pilot that has resided for some 45 years in Taos. I have owned three airplanes over the years operating from the Taos Regional Airport, including a charter air service years ago under my (then) corporate name of Taos Aviation, Inc. I also have served as a member on the Taos Airport Advisory Board for some 20 years in the 1980s and 1990s.

It was my privilege to attend the Town of Taos' Airport dedication ceremony concerning the completion and operational opening of the new runway at the Taos Airport on Friday, Aug. 25.

As one of the aviators using the airport for my flying activities, I would like to personally salute the people and town government of Taos, the Taos Pueblo, the surrounding business community, and the many other Taos area entities that have finally prevailed over the stumbling blocks that have derailed the completion of this project for many years.

An airport is a gigantic asset serving a community! I am advised that the total cost of the runway construction has come in at under the total budget cost.

Again – congratulations for attaining this significant success for the Taos area community!

– Raymond Lutz,  Taos