Letter: Defending Taos United


I was saddened to see Taos United misrepresented in a My Turn piece by a person who goes on to say that we were once a vibrant diverse community and are no longer.

I think this is mistaken. I have been here for more than 40 years. My children were born and raised here and still live here with their spouses and children. They were educated in the public schools here.

However, if someone moved here, from California, or Mexico or Taiwan recently, this should in no way stop them from becoming part of our community.

Taos United is an attempt to bring our community together, not to segregate it more. The only requirement for membership in Taos United, as well as in Taos, is to show up.

Taos United’s format allows everyone in attendance, who desires, to speak for two minutes. The goal is to inform those present of as much of what is happening in Taos, New Mexico and the country as possible. This includes announcing an art show opening for middle school students, a march in Santa Fe to support gun control or the Democratic Party meetings.

We are nonpartisan, nonprofit and do not endorse candidates. We hope to attract everyone from Taos who is interested in our community life and that of the state and the nation.

Our meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at the Kit Carson Board Room from 5:30-7:30 p.m. There is time to meet with like-minded people, start or join projects that you support, and speak your mind.

 Bea Balsamo, Ranchos de Taos