Letter: Development proposed too much for area


I just returned from four months of traveling and seem to have run into an unimaginable issue that has the homeowners in the Upper Los Colonias area in an uproar.

Apparently, Tartelton is trying to develop his property with 500 homes along State Road 150. That seems to be insanity as we are in the midst of a horrendous drought, and water is always an issue. Also, the area along route 150 is a dangerous two-lane road that has a tremendous amount of traffic as it feeds into Arroyo Seco, Ski Valley, etc.

I am not anti-growth, but growth that endangers other individuals is not needed. I hope this letter motivates everyone to start investigating what is going on around them. I hear neighbors saying, “Tartelton thinks he can do whatever he wants with his property.” I would agree but not at the expense of others.

For those interested in seeing the plans, they are on display at the Quail Ridge Tennis Center.

– Ronald Polichnowski, El Prado


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