Letter: Fernandez walks the talk


I was glad to see town councilor Darien Fernandez announce his candidacy for Taos mayor. He has already shown in his campaign’s messaging what I have come to expect from him: a reasoned, inclusive and hopeful vision for this town.

Darien’s method of consensus-driven leadership has been a breath of fresh air. When both sides of the hotel height issue were busy slinging mud at each other, Darien’s editorial at the time showed a unique capacity to see both sides of the argument and to balance many varying concerns and interests. He has avoided negativity in the characterization of his political opponents – probably because he doesn’t see them as enemies, but as neighbors.

Other members of town government have talked the talk. They put on the bread and circus while betraying the town’s trust behind closed doors and ignoring public opinion. Some claim to speak for the “silenced” in Taos but in turn only have harsh words and harassment for those who disagree with them. Instead, from Darien, I have seen a politician whose message of change is backed up by a respectful and inclusive attitude.

He also seems ready to look for new and innovative solutions rather than be stuck in the past. I see Darien regularly at meetings of the Taos Entrepreneur Network, and he’s supported STEAM initiatives, such as Taos Launchpad and the Paseo Project.

Electing Darien Fernandez to mayor would be a great boon for our town.

– Nate Berkopec, Taos