Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Judi Cantu fights for all of us


I, Orlando Ortiz, am very surprised by the way Judi Cantu is treated. Wow, here's a young lady fighting for all of us and all we do is ignore all of what she is saying.

Taoseños, she is a fighter for freedom of speech, a leader of our heritage and culture. A person who loves her people. When she claims that who are these people that are running this beautiful Town of Taos, they come from all over, with no roots whatsoever to Taos [sic]. I've been a resident of Taos for 14 months and consider myself a Taoseño, maybe not by birth, but by culturalism. I am proud of my state and I served my country in one of the toughest crises in history. And I'm proud of it because I know, like many other Taoseños who served, what it is to fight for freedom. My freedom and all of the country's freedom. "What" threatened by a restraining order" and "banned from speaking to department heads, what a shame," it reminds me of the statement of the cross on the Plaza. It took people of Wisconsin to come and tell us to remove it. Little do they know that cross has meaning of culture and heritage. Like I, we, "don't go to their state and tell them to stop making cheese, because it is the color of our flag." Mind you, and the folks who want to close the Plaza to vehicular traffic for walking traffic only, "I can guess who these people are." Exploitation by this administration, no wonder she, Judi Cantu, stands by herself. "Planned for by other folks," especially not from here. Come on. Something's got to give.

It is my opinion, and I'm not disrespecting anyone, but in reality, this administration needs change. Unknown "indigenous" people. Hmmm. Makes me wonder. I for one know that I will follow you, Ms. Cantu. And I know you will be our next mayor. Keep up what you're doing for it is right. "It's for the people and by the people." When an administration doesn't listen to its people, people should, not could, think, that it is time for change. I know Taoseños and I feel that Judi Cantu is our voice, our leader, to the future of Taos. And having said all this, I know she will win, and bring our peoples together. Unity always wins. Truthfulness, honesty, integrity, speak out on behalf of justice, will set the tone for Judi Cantu, our next mayor.

– Orlando Ortiz, Taos