Letter: Kudos to Rep. Gonzales


Kudos to (State) Rep. Bobby Gonzales for co-sponsoring House Bill 180 during this year’s legislative session.

House Bill 180 would have established voluntary targets for school districts and charter schools to maximize the percentage of their budgets that they are spending in the classroom. It also would have helped make it easier for districts and charters to meet those targets by reducing unnecessary administrative paperwork and reports. Unfortunately, the bill did not make it through the legislative process during this year’s 30-day session, but it built a solid foundation for achieving these reforms in the future.

As a lifelong educator and former school district superintendent, Rep. Gonzales is deeply respected on both sides of the aisle, particularly on matters relating to education. His leadership on this effort to drive more dollars down to the classroom aims to improve the lives of every student in New Mexico’s public schools.

The citizens of Taos County are fortunate to have Rep. Gonzales representing them in Santa Fe.

Fred Nathan