Letter: Puzzled by O’Donnell comments


I was puzzled by Ms. Light’s “Readers React Online” comments about my Commissioner, Candyce O’Donnell from District V. Commissioner O’Donnell is known throughout our District V as a reliable, consistent, passionate advocate for humane treatment of animals and is not shy about reaching out to the sheriff or commissioner from the appropriate district if a situation comes to her attention.

Commissioner O’Donnell’s suggestion of prayer was an attempt at empathy, kindness and compassion for the distress over an abused animal that Ms. Light was expressing at the time of the conversation. I know the commissioner to be highly engaged and competent. Perhaps she knew, from past experience, that Taos County Animal Control cannot always resolve an issue the way a citizen wants or expects. A meeting was mentioned by Ms. Light, but it’s unclear if the meeting was with her commission representative for Ranchos, Gabriel Romero of District III, if she attended the meeting, or if she got the action she wanted. Ms. Light’s repeated “town council” reference suggests she may have been under additional duress because she had reached out earlier to town officials who could not handle animal issues.

Confusion about the government agency that is responsible for animal abuse issues is common. It is not the town council or the Taos County Commission. It is Taos County Animal Control under the supervision of the Taos County Sheriff. I sincerely hope the animal in question is now safe and that Ms. Light’s concern for animal welfare continues.

– Gloria J. Maestas, Rodarte