Letter: Respect at dollar store


Rev. Susan Varons's letter really resonated with me. Too often I've observed an attitude of entitlement or "noblesse oblige" among some in this town. Maybe you've met them too: the ones who cut in front of you when they meet friends in line at the TCA? The ones at Cid's who don't even say "thank you" when a clerk goes out of his or her way to help them. The ones who leave pocket change for a tip when they've enjoyed an expensive meal. If so, you need to head to one of our local dollar stores where you'll often see respect and common courtesy in action. On recent visits I saw a young man give up his place in line to an elderly woman, someone else pay a customer's bill when short at the register, and everyone holding the door open for others going in and out of the store. What a refreshing contrast! Does this say something about our town, or is it a reflection of society in general? Just asking.

Gail Lee, Taos