Letter: The stories a hotel could tell


I feel that to be objective and fulfill the injunction, Mr. Slenes and Indian Hills should come with their records and a pertinent jury of homeowners and business people. Why? Because some, diligently and with goodwill, try to make repairs but get stung by unethical contractors. A judgment award for a no-show only means going out with a pie and a shotgun to collect. This has always been an “elusive” subject for state licensing and quality control departments and shown rampant in Taos County.

Additionally, political factions at a particular time and the Realtor factions that back them, along with unethical contractors and swayable inspection institutions, give a perfect way to create their own brand of collusive machinations, exponentially shaping and affecting parts of culture and the economy to fit “their” needs. Put it another way, an impatient faction has issued a “death sentence,” and “the inmate” should have a full airing out of all the factors....ah, of the stories buildings could tell.

Thanks. – Fresca Griddino, Taos