Letter to the editor: The outsider doesn't want to divide our community?


The outsider doesn't want to divide our community?

When an outsider, in this case the hotelier, Mr. Batra, doesn't want to divide Taoseños, and the mayor lauds him, there is something grievously wrong with our elected officials.

Until Mr. Batra stood up to voice his heartfelt agony over the divisive nature of the process leading to the approval of his hotel our council, with two notable exceptions, were hell bent on giving final approval to his plans for a four-story hotel.

Not for them the agony of a divided community.

Not for them any guilt or misgivings on a completely opaque, back-door process that led to this absurdly undemocratic construct.

It was only Mr. Batra's heart that stopped the process.

I would seriously hope that the mayor and council begin a process of re-evaluating their position as representatives of the people…and what that means. It should be obvious to all by now, that the mayor believes the business of government…is business. At any cost.

Not for him and Mr. Bellis the words of our constitution proclaiming a government "of the people, by the people and for the people".

Not a whit. The busker on the corner is not worthy of the title of citizen. The businessman who owns that corner is.

Until we realize that every member of our community has equal worth as a citizen, we will continue to fail as a society.

It is not the purview of government to elevate business to a more exalted state of citizenship. It is the purview of government to create an equal and just society.

And if the tax base does not cover the costs of basic services to the community…I have a novel idea.

Present the facts to the community and let the people decide.

- Paul Christie, Taos