Letter: Trash anywhere is a blight


In response to Rev. Susan Varon's letter "Entitled Taoseños, straighten up," I would like to point out that trash left behind in theaters seems to be a "problem" that is universal. I have memories of chewing gum on shoes, under armrests and popcorn containers tripping you as you left theater. It almost seems to be part of theater culture. Just to be clear, I do not condone leaving trash anywhere.

The comment about Anglos and the left behind trash at Taos Community Auditorium is interesting. I wonder if the reverend lives on a street in Taos where there is not a constantly growing number of mini shot booze bottles, beer cans and fast food containers lining the roadside. I wonder if it is the same group of "entitled" Anglos?

Trash anywhere and everywhere is a blight. Perhaps we should look at the big picture and not try and single out one "entitled" group from another. We pick up the trash on our street thrown by others all the time. All Taoseños, new and old, all races and creeds, should make an effort to keep our community clean, everywhere. Keep Taos beautiful!

– Greg Derse, Taos