Letter: Wandering


I am sickened by the political decline of Israel, a country I was taught to nurture as an American Jew. It has continued to morally debase itself and become destructive, digging a hole so deep it seems that it will never emerge. It is allying itself with extreme right-wing American Jewish lobbyists in an irrational partnership with misguided evangelical Holy Landers and other provocative groups. The prolonged and depressing Israeli-Palestinian crisis culminated in the bizarre, grotesque spectacle of the opening of an American embassy in Jerusalem while the mass murder and injury of Palestinians was taking place 40 miles away. This occurred while our U.N. ambassador has blocked an investigation of the massacre and was quoted as saying that Israel displayed "restraint." Israel is lost in a self-made desert while creating a deepening hole in search of water, dragging its victims down with it while its "supporters" help to dig deeper. There is no water in sight at the bottom. The sky is blocked by the sand and dust falling in faster than they can dig.

Justin Friedman, Lama