Letters to the Editor


Love from Hawaii

We lived in Taos for nine years and what a joy it was. Because of family issues we live on Maui now but not a day goes by without thinking of Taos. The day we left I dug up a small amount of soil from our property and added it to my prayer bag that also contained an arrowhead found on Taos Mountain.

Though Taos has changed much since 1994, I cannot wait for The Taos News each Thursday. I look at the real estate ads and wish I could be a buyer but too old and too many other things.

The Taos News is first rate and you have done a wonderful job with moving it along.

Roger Pufahl

Maui, Hawaii

Move the cross, save the parks

I’m always amazed that people feel the need to make a memorial for veterans using a religious symbol, especially true of Christians and the cross. If a group of people put up a large star of David or a verse from the Koran would they feel the same? The default idea is that veterans are Christian and while a fair number are, there are also atheists and Jews as well as other religions.

The people who support keeping this cross feel like they are crusaders fighting for Christ. The U.S. is not a Christian nation, it is a secular nation where we keep religion out of government to prevent oppression. I personally would like to see Merlin the Magician on the memorial. Merlin has done more magic than any god I’ve seen. However, I’m willing to forgo that plaque to be fair.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a mandate to keep government and religion separated because religion is always seeking to force its beliefs on everyone else. This can be easily seen with missionaries in Haiti. The cross should not be on government property. There is no excuse that overrides this. Christians say “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Would you like others to force their mythical belief on you? A long legal battle would only waste taxpayer’s money that is better spent on parks but many of those taxpayers would not want it there in the first place. Move the cross and save the parks.

Ron Lashley, Farmington, NM