Letters to the Editor


Tell me about New Mexico

Dear people of the great state of New Mexico,

Hello! I am a fourth grade student in North Carolina. In fourth grade, we do state reports and I have chosen your state! I am very excited to learn more about the great state of New Mexico as I work on my report.

Most of the information that we get for our reports will be from books and web sites. We also like to get information from people who live in the state, too. This is why I am writing to you. I was hoping that you would be willing to send me some items to help me learn more about the best things in your state. It could be things like postcards, maps, pictures, souvenirs, general information, this newspaper article or any other items that would be useful. You can mail items to the address below. I really appreciate your help!

Sincerely, Paul Coongris

Mr. McConaughy’s Class

Charlotte Latin School

9502 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC 28277


CASA volunteers needed to help children

My family has long held true that children are the heart and soul of our community. When children thrive, our communities are successful for future generations.

For most children, school and family are the biggest things in their lives, but many youth are experiencing unseen hardship as a growing number of children grow up in foster care. As a former educator and foster parent, I personally witnessed the fear and uncertainty that children face when in the foster care system. These children need the strength of our community to stand up for them; they need our voices. Court Appointed Special Advocates volunteers fill that need. CASA volunteers are often the only consistent adult in a foster kid’s life, accomplishing their mission by interacting with everyone involved in their life - relatives, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers and those working in the courts. It is the job of the CASA volunteer to assess and inform judges whether or not the child’s needs are being met and that their emotional well-being is supported. CASA volunteers are trained and lend a few hours per month to accomplish their work. It is of utmost importance to the child, and to you, satisfying and fulfilling work.

Right now we have more foster kids in need than we have volunteers to lend their voice. Our community needs people, regular citizens like you, to stand up for foster kids. I want to encourage my fellow Taos community members to step up and become a CASA volunteer for a child in our community. Thank you to our current and past CASA volunteers for all that you’ve done for our children in our community.

JoAnn Ortiz, Ranchos de Taos


Return missing horse signs

The lighted signs on Highway 159 had really cut down the number of horses hit and people injured. The Colorado State Police told me the number had been reduced from two to three calls a week to three or four a month. That is a large reduction. Over the winter someone took three of the solar lighted signs from the highway. The results is that nine horses have been killed since the first of the year and people injured. The usual horse fatalities is 10 to 12 for a whole year. We have already lost nine horses in three months and two elk this week. The signs are state property and there is a large fine for removing them. And the state doesn’t have funds to replace them at the moment.

To the person that has the solar light, sign and post, please drop off at the Melby Ranch Office on the side of the building. No one will see you and no questions asked. If you know who has them, ask them to please return. We have to get those signs back up.

Spirit of the Wild Horse, Costilla, New Mexico


Shame on U.S. Bank

Recently my brother in Washington State had a stroke. I have started the process of selling my stuff so I can move back this summer to assist him. A dear friend from Pennsylvania sent me a check to begin the ‘moving’ expense fund (money is more than tight right now) and the check bounced (actually through no fault of her own...her husband’s new workplace hadn’t deposited the funds by the date they originally specified) and she was embarrassed when I contacted her about what happened.

Why am I angry at U.S. Bank? Because I was charged $19 for the fact that HER check bounced. When I called U.S. Bank customer service to get the charge reversed (I am an honest customer, no weird banking mishaps) and found out that I could not get this totally ridiculous and bogus charge reversed, here is my letter. I have absolutely no control over whether or not a personal check someone gives me has funds or not. What kills me is what happens if the check goes through again? Do I get dinged another $19? (Yes, according the U.S. Bank Customer Service.) What a racket. I was massively embarrassed to have to contact my friend to cover the charge back on my account, when she was only trying to do a good thing for me and money is so tight for me I had to ask them. How mortifying.

Unfortunately I need access nationally when I move in a few months. My options currently are limited. This whole situation feels dishonest – it is a way to fleece customers through a loophole no one knows anything about except for insiders.

The basic fact is, this is a form of legal theft of customers. Shame on you, U.S. Bank.

Lisa Faye Pranger, Taos


Pay off those cards; breathe easier

It has been my observation that many people are afraid of what is going to happen with the economy and with good reason. We have to pay for all of our goods and services. I would like to point out however, that the economy is a man-made thing that we can live without. Most of us are enslaved by the economy because we owe more money than we receive.

For those of us with credit cards that we owe on, one way to change this is to pay them off. I am paying extra money on one of mine while not using it. I know not everyone can do this. When I get this card paid off, I will pay the same amount added to the next one I want to pay off. I, for one, do not want to continue paying all of that interest to the big banks who use the money to fund things that many of us do not want.

If you do not have credit cards, do the best you can with those bills you have that will not come back again so that you can breathe easier.

Things happen all the time that we do not expect, but if you stick to whatever plan you make, you will succeed.

Margaret Dennison, Taos


Keep the cross, save America

It is hard to believe that a cross would make anybody feel opposed to its beautiful significance. The cross in truth reminds us that Jesus Christ died for our sins and by accepting that he died and rose again, and by believing in Him, we will someday have eternal life. How wonderful is that. We don’t have to fight for the sake of Jesus Christ as Crusaders. He already won the fight for us.

The U.S. Government was founded on Christian principles. In turn, unbelievers have made it somewhat secular. You see the U.S. was created by our Creator Jesus Christ. If you don’t believe or like the cross and what it represents, it is your own choice, but don’t try to change it for others.

I have lived in Taos for more than 50 years. The cross in the Plaza is part of our culture. How long have you lived here? Nothing is forced on anybody; you can’t be forced to believe. Your choice is your choice. The cross should stay.

Lola Trujillo, Taos