Letters to the Editor


Thanks to dedicated teachers

To all our teachers and educational staff, Thank You, for your dedication in educating and understanding our children under the most difficult circumstances. We have all heard the deplorable conditions: low pay, criticisms and low support. It is no wonder so many are leaving the profession and going elsewhere. Thank you for your dedication and helping our students prepare for the future. As we all know education is the gateway and preparation for a secure position in society. 

We hope this summer is everything you wish it to be. Again thank you.

– Taos United educational group


‘Is fascism emerging?’

With the “menagerie of mutants” (Jim Hightower’s apt description) now on the loose in our nation’s capital, we have to ask what a tenuous future holds – is fascism emerging?

An article, “Don’t Wait for Nuremberg” by Chris Edelson, In These Times, April 2017, says, “scholars of authoritarianism warn we are waling a dangerous path. Columbia University [historian] Robert Paxton, an expert on Vichy France, observes, ‘There’s not much doubt of the desire of Trump to govern as dictator. ... Hitler or Mussolini could have been blocked, even legally ... people have to use the tools available to them to block Trump.’” The article ends, “It’s not too late – yet but it is essential to act now.”

Two timely quotes to have in front of us every day. One, from the poet Rilke: “All we have gained, the machine threatens, as long as it dares to exist in the mind and not in obedience.” 

The second, from Mahatma Gandhi: “When enough of us withdraw our cooperation from it, tyranny crumbles.” See resist.org.

– Bill Murray, Arroyo Seco


Praise the solar panels

Could it be? There aren’t any churches in Taos using solar power? 

I recently heard that all 6,000 mosques in Jordan are going solar. (The Kingdom of Jordan has 300 sunny days a year just like us in Taos County.)

Preaching about love and peace in a building run on nuclear and coal doesn’t make sense. It’s nonsensical to pass a basket around to pay off the utility bill when congregations could go solar and save thousands.

Are our clergy capable of writing grants? What will it take to convert to clean energy?

I’ve noticed that many of the bus stops along the Paseo are equipped to capture solar power. Please join me on Sunday mornings; let’s congregate at the bus stop to praise the panels.

– Matthew Swaye, Taos


Thanks from Los Jardineros

On behalf of Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos, we would like to thank Taos Mayor Dan Barrone and volunteers for the successful round trip to Bayfield Nursery in Bayfield, Colorado on Thursday (May 11) to purchase flower baskets. This year Marit McHugh, Los Jardineros volunteer, contacted merchants and collected money for their orders of either a 10-inch or 12-inch hanging flower basket.

Volunteers included: Mayor Dan Barrone, David Mapes, Carol Brevik, Reggie DeQueldre, Nina Elmshaeuser, Meg Greenwood, Bart Hazleton, Teddy Lachterman, Jim Ludden, Reggie Mosser, Carol Nelson, Sola Peterson, Roxanne Preston, Alice Ryner, Mary Short, and Robbie Zalta.

The volunteers drove, at their own expense, to Bayfield Nursery in Bayfield, Colo., leaving at 6 a.m., returning to Taos Plaza at 4 p.m. at which time the merchants who purchased flower baskets picked them up. The project was completed by 6 p.m.

It is our hope that all who see these baskets will enjoy their beauty.

– Meg Greenwood, President of Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos


Commission avoided questions about new hotel

The P&Z meeting on May 18 was a sham. One more in a long history of bad process. The Chair of the P&Z Commission, a volunteer who should be commended for his time and efforts, consistently violated established rules of procedure in an effort to interrupt, limit and disparage comments from those who had legitimate concerns regarding the plan. He violated state open meeting rules by holding secret deliberations in the back room just before voting.

The developer and commissioners avoided questions like: Where will the water come from and will the developer have to purchase water shares as other new businesses are required to do?; What was the deal Bellis made in advance of this project coming to the P&Z department?; How high will this construction actually be when the 10+ feet of site prep fill dirt is added and the parapet of the design added in?

Answer: in violation of the 48-foot ordinance created specifically to approve this project by creating a special zone just for this purpose.

Patchwork planning creates a town like Española – lots of influence by development without regard to citizen input. Every Taoseño should be concerned about lack of integrity in government process – we are seeing far too much of this on the national and state level. Party before country, power before process, money before people – are all symptoms of corruption.

Our Town needs this hotel to provide for tourism. Most of us agree on this. The obstacle to this project is the faulty process, and secret agreements, the “push” to approve rather than ensure a solid respectful process for all proposed developments in Taos. Our town should reflect the culture and spirit of this beautiful area – to continue to attract tourists. It’s not that hard to follow a sound procedure with transparency – if the mayor requires this. If he doesn’t then it’s up to the citizens to demand solid planning with no secret deals.

– Cristy Holden, Taos


Another local radio station launches

In his 'My Turn' last week, Jeffrey Singer neglected to mention Taos’ newest radio station: KCEI, 90.1. This is a non-profit community radio station; the work of volunteers and Robin Collier, who has devoted literally years of his life to creating it. Tune in!!!

– Joanne Forman, Talpa


Time for ‘Movies on the Green’ again

The Town of Taos presents Movies on the Green.  Get the family together and enjoy Taos’ beautiful spring and summer nights under star-filled skies with movies and entertainment at Kit Carson Park. We are bringing a special variety of entertainment prior to the start of each movie.  The gates open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at dusk.  Make sure to bring chairs, blankets and a picnic to make yourself comfortable. Concessions will be available. There will be a free Kids Zone which includes a Bounce House and Velcro Wall. 

Upcoming movies are: Movies on the Green dates, movies and entertainment:

May 31 – Moana – Special Performance by Michael Hearne with Special Guests

For more information, call Judy Esquibel at 575-751-2037 or contact her via email at jesquibel@taosgov.com.

– Town of Taos