Linda Reed (Lou) Sanford, 1956-2017


Linda Reed (Lou) Sanford
Departed this world in the company of her Spirit Sisters, the sky, the stream, the tree, the rock, the Earth, on Monday, June 5th,, 2017, in the place of her sanctuary in the Blood of Christ mountains of Taos, New Mexico. She was born in Coral Gables, Florida on January 13th, 1956. She spent her childhood and teen years in Baldwinsville, New York, where she and an exceptional group of kindred souls formed bonds that have lasted a lifetime. Lou's great strength and adventurous spirit led her to many places and jobs. She trekked Denali wilderness in Alaska, was a ski patroller at Taos Ski Valley, was a guide in the the demanding whitewater of the Taos Box, riding the wild and beautiful Rio Grande river through its ancient gorge, rode her bicycle from Vancouver, B.C. to Taos, and surfed the ocean swells in a fragile inflatable kayak in the great womb of warm sea off the islands of Hawaii.
In her early thirties Lou decided to dedicate her life to the healing arts and the relief of suffering. She attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerue, and obtained her B.S. in Physical Therapy in 1993. She worked for many years with children in the Española, Peñasco, Questa, and Taos school districts. In the past several years, her focus changed to one of working with elderly patients at Mountain Home Health Care of Taos, New Mexico. She was genius at using play to engage both young and old patients to accomplish the various therapy goals.
In ancient times many levels of healer were recognized. There was the animal doctor, the surgeon, the doctor who placed needles to balance the flow of energy in the body, the doctor who knew the ways of herbs, the doctor who used foods to heal, but the highest of all was the philosopher / sage, because she brought people back to what they had lost, in order that they would be made whole. Lou was like a Pied Piper of God, walking with us in the great cathedral of His creation, walking the way of her constantly expressed ecstasy, returning us to what we had lost. Her work is done now, and her spirit has taken flight to the firmament of heaven.
Lou is survived by her mother Joan Sanford, of Schenectady, New York, her aunts, Susan Gomez of Vancouver, British Columbia, Carolyn Bobowiec of Stanford, Vermont, and Mary Jane Mumford of Bradenton, Florida, her cousins, Margaret Moore of Cazenovia, New York, Alicia Stevenson of Malibu, California, Paul Stevenson of Los Angeles, California, and Daniela Gomez, of Middleberg Holland, her niece Blythe Sanford, of Ithaca, New York, and her long-time domestic and spiritual partner, Win Smith, of Taos, New Mexico.

Those of us who walked with you will never forget you. Thank you for gracing our lives.