Management Corner: Elements of time and listening

A series on time and listening


I expect that few folks spend much time trying to better understand time and/or listening. I hope this series is giving you opportunities to do so. How we invest our time and listen with intent and care can increase our productivity at work and enrich our quality of life. Here are some elements in both areas for us to consider.


• Time is now. Now is gone. Here comes another now.

• Time is space and a place of the moment.

• Time is activity. You are reading now. Some activities we like – and some we don’t. How does our liking or not liking an activity change time?

• Time increases our awareness and gives us opportunity to gain wisdom.

• Time can be experienced as fast or slow. When we have to wait, it passes slowly. As we get older, time feels like it goes faster.

• Time can be managed in many ways to include length of activities, segments of time, specific seasons or special days.

• Specific times can be designated like morning, afternoon and evening — or day, night, noon or midnight.

• Time is – and can be – a measure of life energy always happening and moving forward.


• Listening is hearing. Remember that some folks can’t hear. And hearing sounds doesn’t always mean a person is listening.

• Understanding is listening alive. It is about connecting with meaning and purpose. Understanding is when we have heard sounds and/or words that connect with what we know and experiences that we have had.

• Listening can increase our awareness and learning.

• When we listen with intention and care, it can become a precious gift to others.

• Listening with intentional attention increases the ability to hear, understand and learn.

• When we listen, hear, understand and remember, that is a golden experience to celebrate for all involved.

In relationships

A root word of relate and relationship goes back to a Latin word “referre,” which has to do with “bringing back or brought back.” We might ask, “Brought back to what?” or, “What was brought back?” I’ve been learning from some of my studies that when we create a relationship, we are affirming our unity and oneness with everything, everyone and all humanity. When we take time with the intention to really listen to what others are saying and sharing and then we take the time to respond with care and the intention to serve others, we bring back and bring together what life and work are all about.

A special note

I am very interested in your taking a moment of time to share with me any comments, questions or ideas related to time or listening or any past topics or future topic ideas. I promise to take the time to listen and to respond to you.

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